Are You Missing a Huge Pool of Qualified Employee Candidates? 1/3 of All Candidates Now Have a Criminal Record.

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By the Price of Business Show, Hosted by Kevin Price.  The Price of Business is a media partner of this site. 
Kevin Price recently interviewed Colleen Cowles, attorney, parent and entrepreneur, who shared methods to benefit from the untapped labor pool of up to 100 million potential employees who have a criminal record. Cowles is founder of, providing information to employers, parents, taxpayers and others impacted by our dysfunctional approach to substance use and addiction. Cowles offers a comprehensive online course for parents concerned about a son or daughter’s substance use and is author of the upcoming book, War On Us: How the War on Drugs and Myths about Addiction & Treatment Have Created a War on All of Us. A Guide to Solving the Addiction & Overdose Epidemic in the U.S.  

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