Taking Care Of Your Beloved Fur Garments – Here Are Some Key Pointers

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 Are you proud of your luxuriant fur coat? Do you have a nice set of natural fur garments that are the envy of all? Fur remains a head-turning fashion statement and a part of rich American tradition. It is also an expensive treat and you also have to know how to extend its life and maintain its fresh look.

How Do I Store Fur?

Fur storage is an important part of owning natural fur garments. There is a stretch of several months when you will not wear it and with the change of seasons, come different fluctuations in the conditions that can severely damage your precious possessions.

Replicating the professional fur storage conditions at home requires a lot of detail and a fair bit of investment. This is why experts recommend that you invest a little extra on your fur by choosing reputed fur houses like RosendorfEvansFurs.com who have specialized storage facilities.

So how does storage maintain your beautiful garment? The main factor behind the splendorous texture and luster of your fur garment is the presence of natural oils. The balance of these natural oils is prone to get upset when exposed to extreme temperatures and humidity levels of summer. When it gets too dry, the natural oil level will decrease and the fur will become dry and start shedding. There is no reversal technique to replenish such fur and it will permanently lose its sheen and feel.

Apart from providing the perfect storage conditions throughout the dormant season (when you are not going to need your fur), professional storage services also employ the safest facilities to protect fur coats from vermin. These could be small insects which can nest in your fur and damage the fabric and fur can attract larger rodents too.

Fur and bad odors are difficult to separate. Keeping fur in your house will make it susceptible to catching all kinds of odors and there really is little you can do about it. Odors are like pollutants, foreign agents that not only change the smell of the fur but also create chemical imbalances that affect the natural oils. In a professional fur storage facility, your fur will be kept in a temperature-controlled and neutral environment that prevents foreign odors from sticking.

Fur Restyling

There are more services that you can enjoy for your fur garments. Fashion is fickle but that does not mean that you should abandon your slightly dated fur coat or vest. Reach out to the right experts and get your fur restyled to fit the latest trends. You can do minor alterations to change the shapes and lengths and you can also get embellishments and buttons changed or added. Restyling is a favorite service for fur owners because it helps them save a lot of money and get a brand new look at the same time.

Even the oldest fur in your collection can be salvaged into something entirely different. Instead of getting rid of the old, damaged garments – turn them into pillows and blankets! This is a very sustainable and rewarding method to enjoy your fur.

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