How you can Check for Fake IDs

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Do you run a business that has services with strict age restrictions? If Yes, you must have realized the impact of passed-over or fake identification documents. Even though you are trying your best to curb these practices, some fake IDs still pass by and harm your business, reputation, and revenue.

Identity check at your business

It would help determine the people and the technology that are checking the IDs in your business parameter. Do the people you hired for the job have proper training in ID checking? Are they competent enough to use ID Scanner? In today’s day and age, several online and offline services can make a fake ID for you that is scannable at a fraction of cost.

So, how do you check fake IDs?

Here, technology is your foe and friend at the same time. As a business owner, your legal obligation is to check IDs when you put age or other restrictions at your business, alcohol shop, or events. Simple ID check includes matching the photo with the person, determining the date of birth, and if the ID is within the expiration date. Your native state and federal laws may apply depending on your location.

Using an ID scanner:
You may employ an ID scanner to reduce the user error factor. But the person checking the ID is still responsible for matching the photo with the person, check the date of birth, and whether the ID has not crossed its expiration date. The ID scanner works as extra security against any liability.

Using your smartphone:
Many companies like iDenfy are offering identity checker application for smartphones. You can use the application to scan the driver’s licenses to check if they are fake or real. As time passes and fraudsters are getting ahead, government agencies like local police departments rely on these applications to determine counterfeit IDs. In the past twelve years, 10 American states started using such applications to read magnetic stripe behind ID cards. The application relies on databases and information from the motor vehicle departments and then reads the given ID to verify its data.
Using driver license reader devices

Businesses and companies worldwide are acquiring high-tech ID readers to check all the people entering their enterprise are legally allowed to enter. Since fake IDs these days are hard to tell apart from a real one, these ID scanners are essential. Similarly, driver license readers can tell the difference between a fake id and a real one so that businesses can take action quickly.


In 2018, the United States had 227.5 million people with a valid driver’s license. The same year, California issue nearly 27 million licenses, making it the country’s highest number. With these high numbers, there will be more and more fake ID makers and users. It is a critical problem, and you must have the correct ways to deal with the situation. If you think a client or customer is presenting a fake ID, you should pause all the dealings with them right away. You can ask them to surrender the ID to you and call the appropriate authority to look into the matter. If you want to read more, check

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