Could Laughter Be Medicine for Multiple Sclerosis?

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Wendy Bjork.

The Wendy Bjork Commentaries

Today we are discussing the intricacies of life with Multiple Sclerosis in this Exclusive interview with Dr. Leslie Birkland. 

Welcome to the latest episode of Igniting Your Dynamic Self with Wendy Bjork. As an international bestselling author, inspirational speaker and founder of, it is her mission to empower women to take charge of their health holistically so they can feel confident, have clarity and be inspired to find joy and simplicity.

In this exclusive edition, hear about two navigators of Multiple Sclerosis, and take note on what they’ve gleaned from living with it for decades.

Did you know that there’s almost 10 million people living with an autoimmune condition in the United States? Multiple sclerosis is one that affects many millions of these people. 

My guest, Dr. Leslie Birkland has been living with MS or multiple sclerosis for a long time. Today, she will share her story with me, as we take a deeper look into life with multiple sclerosis. 

People can hear about other types of diseases, they accept the limitations.  With MS, people  don’t understand.  They can’t wrap it around their head, that’s why it’s important with Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month to get the message out.

MS – what does it mean?  Imagine your electrical system inside your body is not working right. It’s not firing correctly.  Some days it might be firing down an arm, and the other day it’s not firing at all. You can’t feel your arm one day. Another day it might be firing to your foot, but over firing so your foot is in excruciating pain. Imagine the electrical system in your home, imagine the wiring where the sheath, the covering of the wires, the plastic sheath is worn out in spots. 

Your lights will flicker, on and off, on and off.  That is a short, very basic and brief overview of MS. It’s unpredictable, it’s different for every person.

Dr. Leslie also shared that approximately 50 percent of people with MS, usually start out with vision  problems with their optic nerve, which was her starting point.

We both experience different levels of fatigue, especially when the weather changes drastically. When our systems get overheated, our legs, arms or other areas may stop working due to heat and cold sensitivity. They’re kind of working, or you’re forcing them to work. There’s definitely something wrong.  When we get overheated, too much sun,  it’s like cooking pasta.  We get these wobbly legs and it takes the energy out of our movement. It’s not easy to reclaim that energy and it’s funny with MS because people will think, why don’t you go, get an eight hour sleep. Sometimes we get eight hours of sleep. You wake up and walk in your kitchen. You need a nap. 

We want people to know that it’s not contagious, you’re not going to catch MS.

Dr. Leslie and Wendy are very much into natural medicine and healing as well.

She stopped all multiple sclerosis medicine. All of it. Due to several reasons: it was making her fat, it was giving her brain fog. Maybe it slowed the progression, but there is no way to really gauge it. 

Most of the medicine is symptom orientated. It’s only to take care of our symptoms. However, with natural medicine  what we’ve done is added some helpful anti-inflammatory herbs and teas. Tune in for more on how we have completely changed our diet and other aspects of life to begin feeling more in control of our lives.

I endorse when making any changes, do it in small steps and start creating a circle of 5.

 A circle of 5 people in your life that you can share openly, be authentic, vulnerable as well as encouraged and cheered for. 

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