How Our Default Mode Network Is Connected

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Let’s dive into a story about a hidden gem in our brains, something like a secret garden called the Default Mode Network (DMN). Picture this: it’s a place where your mind wanders when you’re not busy solving puzzles or ticking off to-do lists. It’s where you go on mental vacations.

In this secret garden, there’s a cosy spot called the Medial Prefrontal Cortex, kind of like a wise old tree. It’s where you sit to ponder life’s mysteries, like why you feel a certain way about a friend’s comment or what makes you, well, you. It’s all about understanding your story and how you fit into the bigger picture.

Then, there’s this enchanting brook, the Posterior Cingulate Cortex, flowing with the waters of your past. It’s where your memories and emotions swirl together, helping you piece together who you are from all the yesterdays.

Tucked away is a magical clearing, the precuneus. It’s where you daydream, picturing that dream vacation or replaying a cherished memory. It’s your personal cinema, screening the stories of your life.

Don’t forget the Lateral Temporal Cortex, kind of like the bustling marketplace of your secret garden. It’s where tales of social gatherings, whispered secrets, and shared laughs are traded, helping you navigate the complex world of human connections.

And there’s a crossroads, the Inferior Parietal Lobule, where paths of self-awareness, attention, and the sensory world intersect. It’s where you pause and take in the sights and sounds, connecting the inner you with the outer world.

This secret garden, the DMN, is most alive when you’re at rest, letting your thoughts meander like a lazy river. It’s your brain’s way of taking a breather, indulging in a bit of self-reflection, and sparking creativity.

But when life calls you back to reality, to focus on the task at hand, the garden waits quietly, ready for your next visit when you need a moment to just be.

So next time you catch yourself lost in thought, remember, you’re just taking a stroll through your brain’s secret garden, the DMN, where the stories of you are tenderly kept and nurtured.



Dr. Terry McIvor is the founder of the International  Guild of Hypnotherapy, NLP and 3 Principles Practitioners and Trainers. (IGH3P)

IGH3P  is a professional development body which develops the skills of coaches, Hypnotherapist and NLPers.

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Dr. Terry is also an NLP trainer, Master Hypnotist, a qualified Hypnotherapist  and 3 Principles Coach.

He is trainer for most of the leading hypnosis professional bodies in the U.S including IACT, ICBCH,IMDHA, and the Elman Institute,

Dr. Terry has set up his own accredited STEM school in the U.K. called AISR, it is through his academy he conducts his teaching and research.

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