Are INTJs and ISFJs a Good Match?

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Jennie Baker, Special for USADT.

Are you an INTJ also known as The Scientist, The Mastermind, or The Explorer? Or how about an ISFJ sometimes called The Nuturer? Well, the good news is that they tend to interact fairly well in most situations.

INTJs are natural leaders whereas ISFJs are natural followers. They make a very good team when it comes to projects or even home life. For instance, an INTJ marrying an ISFJ can sometimes work out well because the INTJ will naturally take control. However, be warned that the introverted nature of both personalities can cause problems with communication.

When an INTJ tells an ISFJ what to do, the ISFJ is likely to comply because they tend to follow. However, watch out when the opposite occurs! INTJs are normally accepting of constructive criticism, but at times ISFJs can be passive-aggressive.

If you are an ISFJ and you are looking to get along well with an INTJ, just keep in mind that INTJs are not trying to be arrogant when they tell you to do something. Also, remember that their lack of affection and focus on knowledge is something that truly makes them happy.

For INTJs who are looking to get along with an ISFJ, make sure that you do not take advantage of them. Just because you CAN tell someone what to do does not mean you SHOULD tell someone what to do. Keep in mind that bossing around an ISFJ who is not a subordinate will get you in a lot of trouble. Even if they do what you ask them to, they may be resenting you inside their head.

In many cases, INTJs and ISFJs can have trouble with communication. However, do not give up. Those awkward silences that so many other personality types hate might be completely normal for an INTJ or ISFJ who have known each other for a long time. Being Judging and Introverted will cause both parties to consider their actions much more. And that is completely acceptable no matter what other personality types are trying to tell you.

Overall, the INTJ and the ISFJ are a good match.

Jennie is an ISFJ that married an INTJ and have been happily married for about 5 years now. Check out her website at Cherry Wood Desks []. You might also be interested in learning more about Corner Office Desks [].

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