#METOO Movement Catches Up on Matt Damon

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Matt Damon is one of the leading celebrities in Hollywood and a very influential social activist, especially when in comes to the environmental movement.  However, he has been in continuous hot water when it comes to the discussion of the treatment of women.  His close relationship to old time friend Ben Affleck and his little brother Casey, has found him in a situation of incrimination by association, because both brothers have faced accusations about their treatment and view of women.

Also, Damon’s own words have haunted him. CNN reports “Damon was slammed back in December after he told ABC News’ Peter Travers in an interview that while women feeling empowered to share their stories of sexual harassment and mistreatment is ‘totally necessary,’ he hoped for more attention to be paid to the ‘spectrum of behavior.'”

Damon now declares he wants to “get in the back seat” for a while on the discussion. Here he is on the Today show discussing his nonprofit and the issue of the #Meetoo movement:



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