Ban of Russia’s Olympic Team “Justified”

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In an op-ed in the Salt Lake Tribune, Robert Weiner (former White House Drug Policy spokesman) and Brad Star argue that the Russian Olympic ban is necessary because the Russian Olympic Committee and government have been harming athletes for years. They cite state direction and holes in the drug labs to swap false samples. The article was one of three recent publications Weiner cited in his February report.

Weiner said in the report,

“Team and Friends—here are our last three op-eds. The first is by Brad Star and me in the Salt Lake Tribune on why the ban of the Russians in the Winter Olympics is justified.

The second is by Ben Lasky and me that appeared in LaborPress on how Congress needs to pass a real infrastructure bill, not the 20 percent in federal money of the $1.7 trillion his leaked proposal calls for.

The third is by Kyle Fleck and me on “Mueller’s Endgame”: he won’t indict Trump on collusion (conspiracy), but will name him an unindicted co-conspirator because of election law violations and obstruction of legal investigations. However, the prosecutor will directly indict members of Trump’s orbit. The piece states the specifics.  It was ranked H1 by OpEdNews as the #1 op-ed in the country.

We’ve also provided links to our latest radio: The Rick Smith Show (10 radio stations and TV) to discuss the State of the Union address, Russia and Infrastructure; and the Alan Nathan Show (200 station airings nationwide on Main Street Radio Network).”


Weiner added, “Thanks to Ben Lasky for putting together this list.”  He invited colleagues to respond—”Feedback welcome!”


***February 8, 2018: Ban of Russian Olympic team is justified—in the Salt Lake Tribune by Robert Weiner and Brad Star

Link to published article:

***January 27, 2018Latest Infrastructure Plan Bleeds States, Cities, Needs Real Money in LaborPress by Robert Weinerand Ben Lasky
Link to published article

***January 29, 2018Mueller’s Endgame: Maybe As Soon As Trump Wants, But Not How He’d Like — in OpEdNews by Robert Weiner and Kyle Fleck — Ranked H1 (No. 1 op-ed in nation):

Weiner and Fleck begin, “It’s important to note Mueller’s history as an institutionalist. To protect the Presidency, he may call Trump an ‘unindicted’ co-conspirator for violating campaign laws money laundering, and obstruction, paralleling the special prosecutor’s charges against Richard Nixon in Watergate. But he won’t be so kind to the people in Trump’s orbit. Mueller is building a real obstruction of justice and election law violation case.”

Link to published article

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