Tim Tebow Foundation’s “Night to Shine” has Profound Impact

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Special for USA Daily Times

We are so thankful for every host church, every volunteer and every supporter who made this such an incredible night for each and every one of our honored guests! Watch this amazing night unfold from the far east of Asia all the way to the west coast of the States as hundreds of thousands came together for a night they’ll never forget…

“It makes me so emotional to think that starting on the far east coast of Asia and ending on the west coast of America, lives all over the world were impacted through this single night.

Learn more about “Night to Shine,” and how you can make a difference too

The beautiful thing is that many of the guests I meet, especially those in other countries, don’t know me for what I’ve done on a field or a TV set, they recognize my name in relation to the party that’s been thrown in their honor and there is no better way to be known. They’ll say ‘thank you for the dance…, thank you for the corsage…,’ but it’s me who is so grateful to them for bringing so much light and joy into this world!” – Tim Tebow

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