New Venture that Offers to tell Individuals’ Life Stories

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In crazy times, it’s up to every individual to realize that they are the ones with the power to change humankind’s collective storyline, and it starts by telling their own. Unfortunately, no longer do children sit by fires listening to the tales and reflective insights of their elders. Most people are just so preoccupied with the daily business of living that they’re forgetting the most important thing they can share with the world — themselves.

Enter StoryTime Me, a gutsy, new venture by CG Communication & Design, a boutique editorial and design business services consultancy. StoryTime Me aims to facilitate a positive shift in individuals’, families’ and communities’ lives through fun, accessible storytelling. This unique venture transforms individuals’ personal stories into professionally written, illustrated and designed children’s books. StoryTime Me is a solution for a world that needs more wisdom and in which not enough is being passed down.

When & Where: StoryTime Me launches April 3, 2018, with an appearance by creator Cynthia Gomez on Crimson Cloak Publishing’s weekly online radio show, happening at 2:00 p.m. eastern time. Tune in to listen at Anyone who misses the show can access the recording at a later time.

How: Through professionally written and illustrated tales, children can better know their parents and the lessons they hope to pass down, grandparents can create a legacy to be handed down for generations and expecting parents can tell the story of how their baby came into existence and the kind of life they hope s/he will lead. Couples can chronicle their road to the altar, individuals battling serious illness or medical conditions can create a record of their battle and pet parents can ensure their animals and the lessons they taught live on long after they’re gone. StoryTime Me is for anyone with a story to tell.

Why: On an individual level, recognizing their life stories as the meaningful work of art they are can help people gain greater clarity and purpose while also healing painful wounds. Human beings extract meaning from their lives through our personal narratives. Their stories are worth telling and not just for themselves.

On a family and community level, wisdom sharing through storytelling turns individuals into transformational leaders — change-makers. Think of all of the things most wish an older, wiser version of themselves had taught them along their journeys. Individuals can all light the way forward for others in their respective circles, helping others as they help themselves.

On a global scale, StoryTime Me recognizes that people hold the creative power to heal the planet. If narrative storytelling is how humans make meaning out of the chaos of their lives, humanity is how the universe makes meaning out of the chaos of existence. After all, human beings are the ones who can tell the stories — about themselves and others. When people allow a collective wisdom to emerge, they are able to come to a greater understanding of their interconnectedness and rise together to meet the challenges of today.

So while many would agree that these are dire times, everyday people get to decide what the future looks like. A children’s book may seem like so small a thing for so big a problem. But an individual’s story may be the greatest gift they can give — to themselves, their loved ones and to the world. People’s stories all hold wisdom and what they do with it can make all the difference.

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