Three Essential Improvements for Homes in the Southwestern U.S.

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The southwestern United States is well-known for being one of the driest and warmest areas of the country. During the summer months, many areas have long strings of triple-digit days, and even the winter months can bring intensely dry heat. While many homes across the country would benefit from home improvements related to remodeling an outdated kitchen or bathroom, updating curb appeal and more, there are some improvements that are particularly beneficial for homes in this warm region. If you are ready to improve your property, these are some of the more essential improvements to consider in this region.


A Swimming Pool

Beating the heat is a summertime challenge for people across most areas of the country, but it is an almost year-round challenge for those who live in the southwestern United States. A swimming pool is a veritable necessity when the weather is intensely hot. It gives you and your loved ones a place to cool off, to relax outdoors together, to get a great cardio-based workout and even to entertain others. Because of how frequently a pool would be used by many people in this region, this is a feature that is truly in high demand with home buyers. Because there is a demand for homes with a pool, this is a feature that may be a particularly valuable investment in this region. You can learn more about swimming pool pricing and design ideas today to determine if this is an improvement that you should move forward with.


Upgraded Windows

Many modern homes in this region are built with energy-efficient windows, but this is not always the case. Even some newer homes are built with lower-quality, construction-grade materials. The number of panes, the presence of solar film and even the type of frame that the glass panes sit in will impact energy efficiency. A significant amount of energy loss occurs through the windows, and this is particularly true during the warmer months of the year in this region.


Upgrading windows is usually cost-effective, and it can also improve property value and curb appeal in some cases. In addition to upgrading your windows, consider investing in new blinds or even in automatic blinds that are controlled by smart home automation for an additional benefit. Remember that landscaping can also help your windows to be more energy efficient. For example, if thick vegetation is in front of your windows, the windows may not be impacted by direct solar heating. Regardless of the quality of your home’s windows, resealing the windows annually can also help you to control energy loss related to your windows.


New Insulation

Just as energy can be lost through the windows, it can also be lost through the walls and ceiling. Many homes are constructed with lower-quality fiberglass insulation. It offers minimal benefits in comparison to some of the higher-end foam insulation materials that are available. Insulation can lock in climate-controlled air so that your HVAC system works more efficiently. This can make your home environment more comfortable, and it can save a tremendous amount of money for you on energy bills throughout the year. Foam insulation also has a few additional benefits. For example, it can reduce external noises to create a more peaceful indoor environment. It may also minimize the risk of pest infestations. This is an upgrade that you will enjoy immediate results from and that could also result in a boost in resale value.


As you can see, there are numerous upgrades and improvements that you can consider for your home. While these are improvements that could also be made to homes in other regions of the country, the specific climate in the southwestern United States makes these improvements veritable necessities for homeowners. Analyze your home’s current needs for these improvements as a first step. If you determine a need, you can begin budgeting and planning to make these thoughtful home improvements soon.


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