SERENE: The Human Crystal by Jen Patryn to be Release This Fall

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Jennifer Patryn has announced today that she is due to release her debut novel, SERENE: The Human Crystal this fall with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House publishing company.

SERENE: The Human Crystal will offer a unique story of a woman who works in a New York City Art Gallery. She handpicked this life yet, she cannot stomach it. She knows that there is something not only wrong with her existence but with the world in which we all live: social discord and saddening chaos are like two hands tightening around her throat. When her overbearing boss forces her to attend a lavish party in France to land a sale, she goes—but winds up in a living nightmare. She’s in love with a boy; and their lives are at stake.

SERENE encounters the Countess—the wicked manifestation of the dark energy that humanity has been working so hard to create, in spite of ourselves. She is our fear, anger, hurt and self destruction. Her physical form is a beautiful six-foot tall, manifested cancer wrapped in couture and always hunting you.

Her quest is also one of self love. Initiated through the turmoil of loving a deeply wounded individual, with a voice birthed from a long lineage of Opera singers who have all committed suicide. Along the way she meets a rainbow of energy, encompassing every spiritual and physical form – She is birthed both physically and spiritually, and so her journey begins.

Equal parts HARRY POTTER, EAT PRAY LOVE, and GOSSIP GIRL, SERENE is a never before told story. The first to merge the contrasting worlds of art/pop culture and spirituality in a riveting tale that, above all, is a celebration of human capability, living and loving without boundaries or fear.

Jen has said “I love my career as a Fashion Editor. I feel so lucky to work with my talented friends: creating together through the voice of vision. I am now pivoting my voice to the written page. I remain in a state of humbled gratitude to be able to share and create. So really, nothing is changing, but it all is.”

JEN PATRYN is a fashion stylist and consultant whose work has appeared in Elle, Glamour, S Moda for El Pais and Vogue. Her advertising and commercial clients include Bebe, Garnier, Old Navy, UGG,, Saks Fifth Avenue, Velvet by Graham & Spencer and Victoria’s Secret among others. She lives in both New York City and Los Angeles.

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