Breast Cancer Prevention For Women

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A new breast cancer prevention book helps women optimize breast health through use of little-known and alternative breast care strategies. The new alternative health book, “Fighting For Our Tits,” is funny, wise, and alive with little-known information related to keeping breasts healthy, happy, and whole.

“As I’ve watched the whole breast cancer epidemic spiral out of control, I’ve become more and more determined to find a way to help all women stay healthy and keep our breasts on our chest through natural breast cancer prevention methods,” said author Lola Scarborough who co-owns and manages Yoga Lola Studios, a health and wellness center located in League City, Texas (

“As a woman’s health advocate my life purpose is to break through the myths, barriers, and confusion about women’s health on every level – physical, mental, and emotional. As a teacher and a healer, I have made a commitment to make the world a better place to live in through easing pain and suffering by offering education and enlightenment,” she said.

Containing some of the latest research on alternative breast health, as well as suggestions on diet, exercise, emotions and little-known alternative healing approaches, the book showcases Scarborough’s 40 years of study, knowledge and personal experience in working with women’s health, healing, and living an empowered life.

The information leads the reader on a journey that opens the mind and the heart as she explores breast health and breast cancer in new and refreshing ways:

  • Rediscover and tap into your own inherent healing power
  • Learn how and why current medical processes and technologies might be endangering your health
  • Discover alternatives that are safe and effective
  • See how emotions impact the onset and progression of illness and learn to reset your emotional realities
  • Understand how commonly used products adversely impact breast health
  • Learn about your energy body and how it impacts the health of the physical body
  • Learn the importance of diet, nutrition, and exercise in terms of overall health in general and breast health in particular.

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