MeWe CEO Calls Facebook “Evil” and Unsustainable

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MeWe, the disruptive Facebook challenger is growing rapidly as Facebook’s stock, revenues, and membership tumbles.

MeWe CEO Mark Weinstein, says “Facebook is not a social network. That is a bait and switch costume. They are a data company plain and simple. Their declining site activity, revenue, and membership woes speak loudly against their deception. Every day the news is peppered with more Facebook violations harming their members. People of the world don’t want marketing companies, governments, employers, schools, and everyone knowing what they think, feel, and talk about. That’s not social media, that’s authoritarianism and communism.”

Weinstein was a recent guest on the Price of Business show with Kevin Price.  Price said, “it is fascinating how this company recently entered the social media stage, with a model similar to what Facebook use to be and suppose to be, and to see Facebook spiral like it has.  This is a perfect time for a competitor like MeWe.” The Price of Business is a media partner of USA Daily Times and Price is also Managing Editor of USADT.

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“Facebook is an outdated company – with a business model that undermines the very democracy that allows it to flourish. And look how they’ve compromised Instagram and WhatsApp too – tracking, spying, and selling them. Facebook defines the word ‘creepy.’ Ultimately their business model won’t survive – and doesn’t deserve to.”

“Through their actions, people around the world are taking a stand. They are rushing to MeWe. We are growing at 20% per month and we now project 10 million members by year’s end. MeWe has all features people love and none of the BS.”

MeWe is “free forever” for members and has no ads, no spyware, no content manipulation, no facial recognition, and therefore no Russians (or anyone) can pay to show you fake news or target you for anything. The business model is “freemium.” All the great features people love are free and optional premium features include MeWe Pages, Secret Chat, Custom Emojis, and even a separate app, MeWePRO, for enterprise collaboration too.

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