FUELING AMERICA, An Insider’s Journey

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 The interview on September 11, 2018 was with Jack Kerfoot, principal of JL Kerfoot Energy Services, an energy consulting company and author of the recently published book “Fueling America, An Insider’s Journey.”

In my opinion, energy is a frequently discussed, but poorly understood topic. I wrote Fueling America to describe the dramatic changes America’s energy industry has undergone since the 1970s oil crisis. I also wrote the book to explain why it is imperative for our country to develop a viable and sustainable energy policy.

My expertise in geophysics, geology, economics and risk analysis provided me the opportunity to work with large, multinational corporations and small, dynamic companies around the world. Fueling America is an insider’s perspective of the real oil industry – high stakes gambles to find new reserves, corruption, oil price volatility, fraud, technical blunders, spectacular successes and gut wrenching failures.

In Fueling America, I share my first hand experiences with wildcatters, scientists, doodlebuggers, bureaucrats, ministers, sheiks, tycoons and potentates in my travels around the world. At the end of every chapter, I step back and explain major developments in America’s energy industry – coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear energy, hydropower, wind and solar. I explain the rise and fall in demand for coal and nuclear energy and now the dramatic rise in wind and solar. I conclude by presenting compelling evidence why America should aggressively move from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

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