Being Rich and Successful Won’t Help Emotional Wellness Issues

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Many celebrities and successful business professionals choose the pursuit of money and fame over their mental health issues. This can be a fatal mistake.

The problem is that rich and successful people are not immune to various mental health issues such as depression, panic disorder, suicide, addiction, and other fear related issues.

Stanley Popovich, author of “A Layman’s Guide to Managing Fear,” discusses 6 reasons why disregarding mental health over the pursuit of money and fame can be a major mistake.

  1. A person’s fame will not last forever. Fame is elusive and can’t be controlled. Mental health issues will remain for an entire life, so it is best to get fear-related issues under control.
  2. It will be miserable. People can’t enjoy life if their mental health issues remain. Living a life where fearful thoughts, anxiety, and even alcohol abuse overwhelm is no way to live.
  3. People will have to deal with the consequences. The anxieties will become more intense and the addictions will overwhelm.  The person could end up ruining their career. The consequences differ from person to person, but the overall lesson is to not ignore mental health problems.
  4. Learn from the mistakes of others. Many successful people made the error of underestimating the devastating things that can happen when mental health issues control their life. Don’t make the same mistake.
  5. Fear will rule your life. Fear will control your life when things aren’t under control. Always being anxious and fearful is no way to live through life. Make the effort to manage mental health issues.
  6. It’s hard to manage fears alone. Join a local mental health support group, where people meet each other and can support others in overcoming fears. It will be better to take care of mental health starting today, instead of waiting until things get worse down the road.

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