Best And Proven Ways To Maintain A Healthy Horse

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Even when you perform everything right, the horses might sometime get sick. However, if you can treat your horses better every day, then chances of maintaining a healthy animal becomes high. There are some top 10 points for you to address, when you are actually planning to keep your horses happy.

Try to minimize stress as much as possible:

Horses are always known to be watchful creatures and some of them are downright nervous. On the other hand, horses are way more prone to some extra stress than lot of other creatures. So, make sure to keep some points handy for a better animal. For some extra advices, you can always visit TVG for a change.

  • Don’t even ask your horse to live without another companion. If you cannot afford more than one, then you can board a friend’s horse on property.
  • Always be patient whenever you are riding a horse or training her and try to seek professional help if you can.
  • Do not forget to try seeing the world from y our animal’s perspective sometimes. You have to understand horses to maintain its health more.
  • You can also try preparing your horses for new experiences by just slowly introducing her to new sports or adventures.
  • Give her time to be horse. Give her time for unwinding and also to hang out a bit. Give them the time to do what they are born to do, like grazing, being around other horses, running and rolling in pasture or big paddock.

Go for annual vet exam:

Whenever money is tight, the first thing that most horse owners might give up is having well-horse exam on a yearly count. After all, in case the horse is feeling fine then why have the vet come out yet? Just like you need annual checkups, your horse does too. Your horse might seem healthy, but it is your vet who can determine whether it has any problem lurking or not.

Get vaccinated annually:

As you are the owner of the horse, you have to get the animal vaccinated annually for some of the major diseases. Some of those are Influenza, tetanus, Equine encephalomyelitis and even West Nile Virus. You might even ask your vets for any other recommendations which are specified to your area of county and also depending on the circumstances of your horse.

Get to feed quality food:

If you really want your animal to feel healthy then you have to feed it with good and quality food. Horses are in need of roughage for staying healthy and that’s what you need to present her with. You might sometimes get the urge to pay your horse some cheap quality hay, but don’t do that if you love your animal. Going for the commercial feed or low-end grain might not turn out to be healthy for your animal.

Make sure to follow these points and you might end up with quality ways to prove that you are maintaining a happy and healthy horse for sure.

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