How To Choose A Backflow Testing Service

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Choosing the company that you can entrust with your safety and health is a challenging decision that has to be made right. Let us help you out and provide all the information you may need to ensure your choice is wise.

What is backflow and why do you need to test it?

Backflow is the reversal of the usual water flow. Normally, water flows from the public water system into your house. Backflow means it flows back to the water source. It may happen as the result of changes in water pressure (for instance, if it drops on the water supply’s side), using a nearby hydrant, extreme weather conditions, a damaged plumbing unit or even your home being located at a slope.

It is especially dangerous if there is a cross-connection. A cross-connection is a type of piping arrangement where the potable water pipe can be connected with the non-potable water one and pipes with other substances. Cooling system is the most trivial example of a cross-connection.

In the case of backflow, water becomes infected with bacteria and chemicals. Such water is very dangerous to bath in, let alone drink it. This leads to health issues and can be fatal.

Another problem that can occur as the result of backflow is your home getting flooded. Backflow can generate pressure in your pipes that may cause cracks and leaks. Eventually, when the pressure becomes too high, water can spill out of your pipes and other elements of your plumbing system.

The irrigation system has earned its ‘high-level danger’ title. Water pools form around nozzles, and pesticides can seep back into the pipesand pollute drinking water in the system due to the loss of the system pressure. To prevent contaminated water from getting mixed with potable water and wrecking your plumbing system, a backflow device should be installed. However, this is just one half of the solution. To be sure your plumbing system is safe, it’s essential to test the device once a year.

Backflow testing isn’t easy. You have to make sure that a professional is on it. You can find a lot of backflow testing services agencies in Chicago, but choosing the best one is not a piece of cake. So, below you can see the features you should consider while choosing the company.


Select the company which also provides other plumbing services and has been doing it for more than a year. Don’t hesitate to ask about their experience. If they have years of experience, you can be sure about the quality of their services.

Certified plumbers

The test needs to be performed by a person that has a valid certificate of competence provided by a health officer from the county of Chicago. The testers should be able not only to carry out the test, but also fix any issues if necessary and give recommendations on how you can maintain your device properly. American backflow & fire prevention employees are licensed inspectors who are highly trained in this field, and they have the experience required to protect you from any potential contamination.


Well, everything comes down to money. Of course, backflow is quite a hazard for your health and life, but it doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars just to get your water system checked. At ABFP, we believe that you have the right to decent services at an affordable cost. Learn more about our price policy here.


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