The Power of Music when Spring Cleaning

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What gets Americans in the right mindset to make cleaning magic happen in their homes? While the right cleaning tools are essential, and a cleaning helper would be nice, eighty percent of Americans say they listen to music while cleaning, according to a new survey commissioned by Jelmar, cleaning product manufacturer of the CLR and Tarn-X lines.

Music has its proven positive benefits and affects shown in mood and emotions, productivity and focus, learning and memory, and more. So, it’s no surprise that nearly all musical cleaners (94%) report positive feelings associated with listening to music while cleaning. Two thirds (66%) say music even makes their cleaning tasks more enjoyable.

In a statement Jelmar stated it “already been helping consumers clean their homes for over 50 years with its powerful cleaning solutions for inside the home and out from the kitchen and bathroom to the backyard. For a little extra support, the self-identified musical cleaners responding to the survey stated they most typically turn the tunes to rock, pop or country music while cleaning.”

To help musical cleaners continue grooving while removing grime, Jelmar has created a set of music playlists in tune to their interests. The playlists include top genres for musical cleaners, cleaning-themed music and fun music so the whole household can get involved.

Additional survey highlights include:

  • Those significantly more likely to be musical cleaners are:
    • Parents (85% vs. 77% of non-parents)
    • Those who live with others (81% vs. 72% of those who live alone)
    • And those under age 40 (92% vs. 65% of those who are 40+)
  • Half (52%) of musical cleaners have special music for cleaning or say that music is important to their cleaning routine.
  • Music is especially important to musical cleaner parents.
    • Musical cleaner parents are significantly more likely than non-parents to report that music entices their children and/or others in their household to help with cleaning (33% vs. 10%).
  • Nearly all musical cleaners (92%) note at least one chore that is most enjoyable with music:
    • Most commonly, cleaning tasks in the kitchen (67%) or cleaning floors (66%)

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