Revelations from Keto Expert “No Fricken Weigh!: 21 Days to Ditch Diet”

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Keto Expert, Tracee Gluhaich, is proud to announce her book: No Fricken Weigh!: 21 Days to Ditch the Diet and Lose Weight the Keto Way By Loving Yourself to Health.” The eBook and corresponding 21 day Transformation Challenge are FREE.

Women often use food to fill a void in their lives. This book is about filling that void with loving self-care practices and nourishing foods, so you don’t use food for comfort. You need a long-term strategy for healthy living, that is simple, enjoyable and easy to follow.If you ever deprived yourself while dieting, looked in the mirror and hated the reflection, felt weak, old, fluffy, or unhappy, or are tired of starting over on Monday, then this book is for you.

“I am loving this book. When reading it I feel like I’m listening to my friend talk. I love that it’s written in a way that’s easy for anyone to understand and relate to. I first heard of Tracee when I was searching for a new Keto podcast to listen to and hers popped up. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, go check that out too. I don’t think it’s Tracee’s goal to reach to an over 40s crowd, but for me personally I can relate to her so much more because she is passionate about fitness in her 50s when it’s harder for most of us to keep weight off. Easy read, highly recommend.” ~kkthebadassmama

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