Save Some Cash at The Mall with These 13 Fab Shopping Hacks

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Okay, girls, we get it. You need those super-cute boots and that trendy blazer, but it adds up fast. Keep reading for smart shopping hacks that can save you extra dollars at the mall!

1. Make Like A Hawk at The Check-Out. Keep your focus on the cashier as they ring up your purchase. The sales associate could make a mistake, or a sale item might not register at the lower price. Speak up if you detect errors. You could be saving a few bucks.

2. Shop Ahead of Time for Stuff You Want. Don’t procrastinate, girls. If you want an item in time for a special event like the prom, get moving. Heading to a favorite store at the mall and finding out your dress is out of stock is the worst.

Shop now and spot a sale to nail that dress. Or maybe it’s about buying special gifts for a friend’s upcoming birthday. Buy ahead of time.

3. Don’t Guess. Try It On. The dress looks lovely on the hanger, but move your butt into the store dressing room and try it on. Avoid debit card purchases that only end up hanging in your closet.

4. App Is King of The Discount. Modern girls do modern shopping, so your app becomes your BFF. Brands like Forever 21 and American Eagle offer super perks.

5. Put Down the Shopping Basket. When you use a basket, you end up spending more. Make a beeline for the item(s) you came for and avoid impulse purchases.

6. Price Adjustment, Please? Don’t be shy, girls. Maybe you bought a cute cardigan only to watch it get marked down two weeks later. Walk confidently into the store with your receipt and ask the cashier if they’ll price-adjust.

7. Yes, To the Student Discount. There’s no shame in flashing your student discount. Maybe you’re looking for a gift for a 15-year-old girl. The student discount’s budget-friendly at 10 to 20 percent savings.

8. Avoid Impulse Buying In-Line. The check-out lines try to seduce with last-minute ideas for gifts. Put down those socks. Look at your Instagram instead.

9. Rack Up the Points. Some stores have incredible rewards systems. Keep track, come back and make purchases for gifts, and get discounts earned with points.

10. Match the Lowest Price? It doesn’t hurt to ask if they’ll match the lower price of an item you found at a competing store. Show the cashier the proof on your phone, and good luck.

11. Think Before You Swipe. Do you need this leopard belt? Will it get lots of use? If not, step away from the card swipe.

12. Wait on It. If you’re hesitant about buying those huge JLo hoop earrings, then hold off. You don’t need the hoops immediately.

13. Score Some Samples. It doesn’t matter if you and your friends are 15-year-old girls or 40-year-old moms. All chicks like free samples and gifts for trying on beauty products before buying.


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