Satisfaction: The Key to Higher Productivity

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By Daphne Michaels, Special for USADT


When it comes to getting the most out of our workday, most people think in terms of productivity. However, regardless of how productive we are, unless we have a true sense of satisfaction, our productivity cannot carry or build momentum for tomorrow. 
In other words, if we focus only on productivity we are heading straight for burn out. Satisfaction, on the other hand, is about taking a fork in the road leading to much more than we can imagine.
This is because satisfaction builds a self-sustaining loop of fulfillment that harnesses momentum and creative flow. 
There are three pillars to satisfaction: Purpose, Success and Connections.
1. The Pillar of Purpose
Striving for satisfaction immediately reconnects us with the energy that our purpose holds so that we can keep the energy alive as it trickles down to the projects, goals and tasks we must complete. Without the energy of purpose, productivity can feel empty and meaningless. 
2. The Pillar of Success
Embracing the second pillar; success, will help you focus on your large and small victories. It is important to take note of every success during your day. Keep track of every one! Noticing small victories are the best way to keep your creativity flowing.
3. The Pillar of Connections
At the end of the day, we must ask ourselves how our connections faired. Did we take at least one opportunity to strengthen an important bond? Did we set healthy boundaries, let go of petty matters and strive for kindness? How many times did we smile at and with others?
When it comes to productivity and getting the most out of your workday, using the Three Pillars of Satisfaction model will set you up for greater and more sustainable productivity in your work and life.


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