Emmy Award Winning Journalist Looks at the Prolific Use of Pardons by Bill Clinton

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Mark Hyman.

On a recent Price of Business, Host Kevin Price visited with investigative journalist, Mark Hyman.  They discussed the author’s new book which looks at the liberal use of pardons by Bill Clinton and why they matter today.  According to a statement:

“Mark Hyman is an Emmy Award-winning, investigative journalist who knows how to get the critical details of a story. In more than forty years, his life experiences include naval officer, veteran, intelligence officer, weapons inspector, Congressional Fellow, lobbyist, business executive, writer, radio personality, television host, and investigative journalist.

“Whether it was inspecting Soviet-made weapons systems, reporting from a war zone, walking the halls of Congress, or one of his other many life experiences, Mark has gained keen insight into what constitutes a great story that must be told. What sets his storytelling apart from others is that he adds context, when appropriate, so the readers not only learn the who, what, when, and where, but also the why.”

How Bill & Hillary Clinton and Their Brothers Profited from Pardons by Mark Hyman reveals new scandals at how the Clinton clan including Bill, Hillary, and brothers, Hugh & Tony Rodham, and Roger Clinton treated executive clemency like their personal property. The brothers hustled pardons in return for six-figure paydays. Hillary stockpiled political and financial IOUs she cashed-in when she ran for office. Bill traded pardons for million-dollar donations to the Clinton Library that was $197 million short of its $200 million fundraising goal. Everyone in the Clinton orbit profited. Friends, and friends of friends sent pardons directly to the White House, bypassing mandatory Justice Department and FBI review. The Clintons’ two-decade pay-to-play scheme that enriched Bill & Hillary at about $240 million, and the Clinton Foundation with billions of dollars, began with these pardons. Mark’s website is www.markhyman.tv and he is on Twitter & Parler @MarkHyman.


The Price of Business is one of the longest running shows of its kind in the country and is in markets coast to coast. The Host, Kevin Price, is a multi-award winning author, broadcast journalist, and syndicated columnist. Learn more about the show and its digital partners at www.PriceofBusiness.com (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

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