Things a PIF Should Entail

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A Product Information File is essential for every company that manufactures a product. It is required to place the product manufactured in the market. In easier words, it is a section on the product which provides information about the ingredients, manufacturing, packaging, and labelling of the product. It is one of the most chief legal requirements for your product to enter the market for sale.

In case any changes are made in any manufacturing processes or testing data of the product, the changes have to be immediately made in the product information file. To know more about the management of product information files, visit website!


List of details a PIF should include


A product information file (PIF) should include a list of things for it to be regarded as a PIF and for the product to be eligible for sale. The details are:


  • Description of the manufactured product
  • Product safety report

Part A: Cosmetic Product Safety Information

Part B: Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment Report

  • Method of Manufacturing
  • Proof to support the claims of the product
  • Animal testing data
  • Place and date of the testing
  • Identification of animal Testing
  • List of Ingredients Used
  • Legal objective and justification for the animal testing performed
  • Labelling of the product


All of these items are mandatory in a product information file as it aids in proving the authenticity and safety of the product.


Format to follow for a perfect PIF


A Product Information File is a legal document and has to be written formally and properly. The format and language one should follow are:


  • It has to be kept in either electronic or paper form. Any form is accepted as long as the PIF’s are maintained.
  • The information has to be written in a way that is comprehensible by the verifier of the PIF.
  • The language used should be of the country it is kept in.
  • Any supporting documents such as laboratory reports, letters, or publications should be retained in the original language they are written in.


From Excel to Product Information Files


Earlier, companies used to formulate an Excel-based form for the PIF merely. Companies have switched to Product Information Files and are currently using an electronic Version 6 of PIF streamlines with changing times. This recent version helps carry out an effective process of recording, reporting, and sharing product information.


Managing Product Information Files


Businesses and companies manufacture products all round the year, and they have to furnish the product information file document for every product. This automatically results in the heap of such documents that have to be managed systematically. For this, there are PIF Managers. PIF managers help in generating and receiving PIF’s from suppliers. However, it is not an easy job to find an efficient PIF Manager.

A Product Information File is an important document which gives details about the products sold in the market. The maintenance and up-gradation of these documents are necessary and requires the assistance of a PIF Manager. With accurate and authentic information on the PIF, one’s company’s products can be placed in the market without any hassle and gain profits, free from the business’s fear of discrepancies.



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