Different Types Of Door Knobs And Where They Are Commonly Used

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When it comes to the security of your house, door knobs play an important role. People often overlook the quality, style and functionality of door knobs when buying new doors or upgrading the existing ones. What they don’t know is that these door knobs aren’t just responsible to keep your house safe but they are also functional and add value to the overall look of your house.

Whether you are looking forward to upgrading your doors or are planning to buy new ones, there are several different types of door knobs available to fit your needs. Today we are going to explain each one of the types in detail so that you know which door knob to choose when you call a door repair service in NYC

1-Half Dummy 

These door knobs work as a “dummy” because they don’t help you lock the door, they don’t offer any rotation and it’s just a single knob you get. These door knobs are used in interior pull open doors or cabinets and wardrobes. 


The passage door knobs are used for hallway closets and other rooms where there’s no need for privacy. In this type, there are two knobs that rotate freely but there’s no locking system available here. 


This is the most common type of door knob that comes with a proper locking system. There’s a lock on the inside and an emergency key on the outside so that you can lock the door anytime you want to. Moreover, these door knobs are used in bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and all other places where you need some privacy. 


This one’s specifically for storage rooms with two knobs, one is always locked with a key and you can only open it if you have the key with you. The other knob that’s on the inside, turns freely all the time whether you have the key or not. It’s the best door knob type that goes with all kinds of storage rooms. 

5-Keyed Entry 

If you want extra security for your doors then the keyed entry door knobs are the best option here. Their locking mechanism is just great as there’s an emergency key on the outside and a turn button on the inside. Furthermore, there’s a deadlatch for extra security. Such door knobs are used for both interior and exterior doors, entry doors and doors that require extra privacy. 

Things You Need To Consider When Shopping For Door Knobs 

Now that you know about the different types of door knobs available out there, it’s time that you learn about the important consideration that you must make when choosing one; 

1-Door Thickness 

The very first thing you need to do is to check whether or not your door’s hardware will work with the thickness of your door. To ensure that you are buying the right door knob, first measure the thickness and then start looking for one. 


Some door knobs provide security where some don’t. So before you buy a door knob, it’s important that you consider your security requirements. For example, for extra security, you should opt for keyed entry and if security isn’t your concern then even the half dummy door knob will work just fine for you. 


When it comes to different door knob designs, you’ll never run short of options. But at the same time you must choose something that looks good on your doors. Don’t rush your buying decision and finalize the design after going through different door knobs. Also, never compromise on the quality of the door knob just for the sake of saving some money. Such investments work a long way so you have to be careful. 

This is all you need to know about different door knob types and the considerations you should make when buying one. Door knobs do add some aesthetic value to your house so choose them wisely.  

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