Does a 7.3 Powerstroke Engine Need Head Studs?

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If you have a 7.3 Powerstroke engine in your vehicle, you are probably wondering if you need head studs for it or not. It can be kind of tricky to tell, but there is a general rule that you can follow to make sure that your engine stays in the best condition possible.

What are Head Studs?

Head studs are a more robust way to replace regular, factory-installed head bolts. Head studs are threaded on both ends and are made from Chromoly steel that has been hardened. Head studs also help with cylinder head installation due to the gasket and head alignment.

Do I Need Head Studs?

The general rule to follow for needing head studs is pretty easy to follow. It is recommended around the 500hp mark. If you have hybrid injectors of at least 238cc, you should consider installing head studs. Installing head studs when needed is the best way to prevent dealing with a blown head gasket.

What Can Head Studs Do?

7.3 head studs have the capability of preventing and eliminating any head gasket failure in a high-performance or high horsepower engine. If you are using the factory head gasket with properly installed head studs, you will run about 750hp or more.

With factory head bolts, your engine will only reach around 450hp before they start expanding and letting cylinder gas escape past the head gasket. This escaped gas creates what is known as a blown head gasket, which can’t be fixed. They have to be replaced entirely.

Head studs can replace head bolts one at a time as long as the heads aren’t disturbed during the process. The replacement will allow for a substantial increase in the clamping force. Head studs also don’t expand like head bolts, so your engine can withstand more pressure.


If you are the owner of a vehicle that has a 7.3 Powerstroke engine, do you need to install head studs to replace your head bolts? If you want to increase the horsepower that your machine can put out, head studs are a great idea.

Head studs can hold more pressure than head bolts, so you also run less of a risk of blowing your head gasket and having to replace the gasket. Head studs are a great way to protect your engine.

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