The Case of the Missing ABC News Reporter After FBI Raid

National News
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ABC News reporter James Gordon Meek has resigned following an alleged FBI raid, but why? While it’s unclear what specifically put Meek in the FBI’s crosshairs, it’s clear he was working on extremely sensitive stories, including ones involving terrorists. As a result, the publisher of his upcoming book, Simon & Schuster, wiped all references to him off its website. The company had intended to publish his reporting on the conflict in Afghanistan.

Despite the recent news of an alleged FBI raid, the agency has yet to comment on the incident. The agency routinely refuses to comment on ongoing investigations. Instead, it will say that the raid took place, but won’t say why. Even Meek’s attorneys have been coy when it comes to disclosing information about the raid.

The FBI has not charged Meek with a crime, and the documents that accompanied the investigation remain sealed. While Meek has no criminal record, the alleged FBI raid drew attention to his storied career in journalism. However, it’s unlikely that he’ll be charged, because the raid was approved by a federal magistrate judge.

Meek’s alleged FBI raid has prompted speculation about a cover-up of the case. He hasn’t worked for ABC News in months, and his apartment has been vacant for months. Meek’s family has not responded to requests for comment. Meanwhile, his former supervisor, Brian Epstein, abruptly left the company.

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