Dangers of Resentment and How To Deal With It

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Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, welcomed James Kuczykowski to provide another commentary in a series.

The James Kuczykowski Commentaries

Author James Kuczykowski shares how resentment is the number one character defect that obstructs the joy & happiness in life. It is like a person who drinks a glass of toxic poison, sits down and waits for that other person to get sick and perhaps die. Resentments only harm the resentful person. James also shares how a person can avoid resentment through various ways. He also shares his personal experience of overcoming resentment. He concludes with a powerful prayer against resentment. Please listen to James’ wisdom and learn more in this short audio commentary.
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James Kuczykowski, commonly known as “Uncle Jimmy,” hails from a blue-collar community centered around a steel mill, home to approximately 6,000 residents. Raised in a devout Catholic household by two God-fearing parents, James received his education from Catholic institutions throughout his early life. In 1980, he made the pivotal decision to enlist in the U.S. Air Force, serving with honor until his discharge in 1984. His years in the military are fondly remembered, paralleling the cherished memories of his childhood.Within his family circle, James was one among two older brothers, an elder sister, and a younger sibling. Not to be overlooked was his cherished French poodle companion. However, by the age of 14, James found himself drawn to the allure of the “high times,” immersing himself in a lifestyle defined by sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. This continued until 1996 when, at 35, he found redemption through the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Interestingly, this transformative encounter was instigated by an old acquaintance who had introduced him to an AA meeting at an unlikely venue: a cocktail lounge.Describing his journey, James often likens himself to a “Turtle on a chair,” emphasizing that such an unusual sight must surely indicate some form of assistance. His gratitude extends profoundly to the supportive members of AA who enveloped him with care and guidance. Their nurturing spirit has enabled him to maintain sobriety and embrace the principles of AA Spirituality, encapsulated by the mantra: “Trust God, Clean house, and help others.” His commitment to the fellowship remains unwavering, attending meetings regularly as a source of strength and joy. Whenever someone seeks assistance, James stands ready with a genuine desire to offer support, driven by a heartfelt aspiration to reciprocate the kindness and assistance he once received.

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