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There are no guarantees, but on average, a new app is alerting people of terrorism attacks within 90 seconds on average.  Now TerrorMate, the world’s first terror alert app, is expanding its user alert capabilities to include mass shootings.

The real-time intelligence system with well-established terror attack and terror threat alerting capabilities will now deliver structured, accurate mass shooting alerts and safety recommendations to its users within two minutes of an attack anywhere in the world.

Developed by TerrorTech LLC, the free proprietary mobile application alerts users to incident-specific information such as location of the shooting event, number of reported perpetrators, areas to avoid, and number of casualties, along with potentially live-saving safety tips and continuous updates for the duration of the event. In addition, TerrorMate’s comprehensive crisis communication and mass notification solution unifies all channels, supporting communication and collaboration during critical events and ensuring that users remain fully informed, in contact with loved ones and first responders, and as safe as possible at all times.

As Barry Oberholzer, founder of TerrorMate, explains, “In the wake of the October mass shooting at the Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas, our supportive, proactive user base urged us to broaden the categories and scope of TerrorMate’s alerts, so we quickly expanded our reporting and warning capabilities to include mass shootings.”

On average, TerrorMate alerts users eight minutes faster than the mainstream media. “In a potentially life threatening event where every second counts, actionable and verified information is crucial,” adds Oberholzer. “In two minutes or less, the TerrorMate app warns users of a mass shooting event and relays critical information to inform on-scene decisions that could save lives.”

Based in Belgium, TerrorMate’s 24-hour international operations center pairs expert analysis with cutting-edge technology to identify and track mass shootings, terror threats, and terrorist attacks across the globe. Former military and intelligence personnel employ an integrated approach to gather real-time terrorist and mass shooting data. They then analyze, verify, and rapidly share vital information with the public during critical events to ensure the optimum degree of safety.

“We push far beyond the usual internet, social media, dark web sources, and telegram channels,” says Oberholzer. “Our proprietary software tracks hundreds of key words to gather intelligence and monitor a wide variety of environments. What is more, we factor in extra layers of intelligence from user and public reports, and rely on our strong partnerships with national and international law enforcement agencies and first responders to keep us fully informed. Together, these elements make TerrorMate the most dependable application for keeping ourselves, our families, and our friends safer in these uncertain times.”

TerrorMate can be downloaded for free from:

The iTunes app store:

The Google Play store:

(BlackBerry users:  The app is free at Google Play Store, which must be downloaded before TerrorMate can be downloaded.)

TerrorMate recently won the ASTORS Homeland Security Award for Best Mobile Technology Application.

More on TerrorMate

How TerrorMate works

Based in Belgium, TerrorMate’s 24-hour international operations center is directed by former military and intelligence analysts who quickly alert and inform users about potential and actual terror attacks and mass shooting events. The app automatically deploys geolocation positioning to deliver information tailored to each user’s specific environment. Alerts appear within minutes of an attack, alert, or mass-shooting event along with advice on the optimal way to stay safe in the affected area. Users are swiftly steered away from danger with up-to-date alerts and clear directions. Concise real-time advisories and intelligence reports keep TerrorMate users continuously informed as events unfold.

The free in-app messaging feature, T-Chat, was inspired by stories emerging from the 2017 Manchester terror attacks, when thousands of teenagers scrambled to flee the stadium while their parents did not know where they were. TerrorMate’s unique location-sharing feature allows users to view a map displaying actual locations of friends and family in real time. T-Chat helps users safely and effectively message loved ones and receive prompt replies during an extreme incident.

Users are also able to upload real-time media of any terror attack, mass shooting, or suspicious activity as well as send anonymous tips and share information with friends and family via the TerrorMate trusted contacts feature.

About TerrorTech and TerrorMate

TerrorTech LLC is a Homeland Security and Public Safety industry firm and a verified Alert Distributor of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) IPAWS EAS (emergency alert system) alert feed.

TerrorMate™, a proprietary mobile application developed by TerrorTech, is a structured mobile real time intelligence system that relays alerts and safety instructions during a terror attack, terror alert, or mass-shooting event.  For more information jump to

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