5-Star Company: 4 Tips to Make Your Employees Happier

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When it comes to running a successful business, you can’t overstate the importance of keeping your employees happy. Happy employees are productive employees, and they’ll also be less likely to leave, helping you avoid expensive turnover costs. But how can you create a happier workplace? Here are four tips that will instantly improve morale around the office.

Recognize Their Hard Work

As simple as this may be, it’s also one of the best ways to make your employees happy. When people work hard, they want to feel like their efforts are being recognized, and there are plenty of ways you can demonstrate this. You could start selecting an employee of the month or taking everyone out to lunch on occasion. Of course, don’t discount the value of simply expressing to your employees how much you appreciate what they do verbally or in writing.

Keep the Break Room Stocked up

It’s nice if the office has some amenities that make it feel a little more like home. Even providing a coffee machine with coffee, filtered water and a few snacks will ensure your employees have something to eat and drink when they come in. It’s especially important to provide clean drinking water. Consider a provider like Olympic Springs Bottled Water or someone similar to deliver it to your office. They’ll be thankful for that if they’re running late and don’t have time to get a whole lunch together.

Be Flexible Regarding Work Arrangements

Employees are valuing flexibility more and more, and this is especially true among Millennials. You can keep employee satisfaction higher by giving your employees some flexibility regarding when and where they work. If it’s an option for your business, let your employees work from home on occasion or have a say in their schedules.

Encourage Them to Take Time off

People can only work day after day, week after week for so long. Eventually, everyone needs some time off. The problem is that many people are workaholics who prefer to work themselves to the bone. That’s why you should encourage all your employees to take the occasional vacation when needed. You can even make it mandatory that employees take their full two weeks of vacation every year. Your employees will be happier and they’ll come back to work feeling refreshed.

It’s natural to focus on customer satisfaction when you’re a business owner, but don’t forget about employee satisfaction. Try those four tips above to make your employees like working at your company even more.

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