House GOP Celebrates Multiple Funding Victories

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Today, Congressman Brady stood with President Donald Trump and voted for critical legislation that rebuilds our military, secures our borders, and gives our service members their largest pay raise in eight years. It tackles a number of President Trump’s important national priorities, including school safety, fighting the opioid epidemic, and supporting our farmers and ranchers.

“This bill is not perfect, but I choose to stand with the President and our military as we work to rebuild our fighting force and prioritize national security,” said Brady. “I look forward to working with my colleagues as we return to regular order and pass appropriations bills to fund the government. And once again, I strongly urge the Senate to pass the House-passed legislation that puts Medicaid on a budget and includes real deficit reduction.”  

Here are eight reasons why this legislation is a win:

1. Rebuilds our military with the single largest increase in military spending in 15 years, after nearly a decade of damage and neglect done during the Obama-era.

2. Supports our troops by fully funding a 2.4 percent pay raise for our troops – the largest in eight years.

3. Secures our borders by providing funding for a wall and associated technology along the southwest border.

4. Stops taxpayer dollars from funding the Palestinian Authority’s program that pays terrorists to murder innocent people, and provides nearly $4 billion towards strengthening our partnership with Israel.

5. Rebuilds America’s aging infrastructure by investing additional funds for projects across the country including transportation, energy and water, rural broadband, and cyber.

6. Provides the largest investment to date to combat the opioid crisis. This includes robust funding for addiction treatment and prevention, as well as law enforcement programs that stop the spread of these dangerous drugs and help families and communities get the assistance they need.

7. Takes action to bolster school safety. This bill fixes and fully funds the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background System (NICS), a critical step to keep guns out of the hands of people with a criminal history. It also implements key provisions of the STOP School Violence Act to fund Department of Justice grant programs that help keep schools safe.

8. Provides important tax relief for Farmers and Ranchers, to ensure farmers and ranchers reap all the benefits from the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.

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