5 Advantages of Hiring an Online Dissertation Writer

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A 2015 study found that more than 50% postgraduate students faced challenges in writing theses and dissertations. Many of them presented different chapters in their research reports inappropriately, and several other lacked academic writing skills.

Writing a dissertation is nothing like writing an essay or any other work you do in high school or even the first or second year of your undergraduate programs. Many students struggle with questions like:

  • Where should I begin?
  • Is there anyone who has the experience of writing a dissertation and can help me with the process?
  • There are several components in a dissertation. How should I incorporate them all?
  • Which research topic should I choose?
  • How to write my dissertation in the limited timeframe I have been given?

It is in these very spheres that top dissertation help providers can help you. You can easily find the dissertation writers online but to make sure that you are not falling for a scam, ask these questions before you make the payment:

  • Is the writer a native English speaker?

Many online dissertation help providers have subject experts from Asian countries like Philippines and Malaysia who do not have the adequate English language skills to write an excellent dissertation for a UK student.

A native English speaker is a better bet when it comes to writing high-quality dissertations with no grammatical and spelling errors.

  • Is the writer a subject expert?

Professional writers may structure your dissertation well, use good English, and make sure that all the rules of the academic writing style you choose are being adhered to. But only a subject expert can do justice to your dissertation and make it meaty.

  • What are the revision and refund policies for the website?

Make sure to go through the fine print of the Terms and Conditions of the website and check out its refund and revision policies. Does it charge you for revising your work? Does it offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the job?

  • Have you heard about the writer before?

Recommendations from your friends, client testimonials, and third-party reviews are some of the things that establish the trustworthiness of a dissertation writer.

Some of the critical advantages that hiring an online dissertation writer can offer you are:

Access to Academic Research

Mr John, who has been working with a big team of online dissertation writers in UK for more than five years, shares, “We all know that academic journals are a major resource for any good research work. However, most students find that they are not able to access them and are forced to settle for less reliable resources. We, professional writers, collectively subscribe to most of the journals of our fields of expertise. It means that we can offer better service to our clients.”

It is true that even libraries can’t afford access to all the best academic journals because they have a hefty subscription fee ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 per year. Hence, hiring a professional writer is much more cost-effective to get your hands on the latest research trends.

A Chance to Learn Research Skills


The truth is that most students do not have the required research knowledge and skills. Professional dissertation writers can help you with nurturing those skills. These skills include procedural things like how to use a database and also critical thinking skills like how to evaluate search results.

Those who have been writing dissertations for years also know most appropriate and efficient tools and processes to process different research questions efficiently. If you can find the writers who are friendly and warm and happy to answer all your questions, you can pick up some precious tips and tricks for them.

Overcome Data Analysis Challenges


In ideal research work, a well-thought-out hypothesis based on both quantitative and qualitative data is tested using A/B experiments. But it is easily said than done. Qualitative research with hundreds of participants is quite costly. It is not easy to find a right sample size, avoid a selection or observational bias, and get over the Hawthorne effect (where participants change their behavior when they are under observation).

Experienced dissertation writers can help you define the research problem, develop a sampling plan, and help you analyse the data keeping the following in mind:

  • describe and summarise the data,
  • identify and compare the variables, and
  • forecast outcomes.

Pick Up New Techniques


You may have written a Literature Review or learn better Statistics course, but there are many sub-skills you’ll need while starting your dissertation writing process. A professional writer offers you all these services in one single package.

Besides data and content analysis, they know which research methods to use (such as conducting focus groups or interviews) and which software and applications can make their work easier. They’ll share the details with you too – for you’ll need to mention them in your dissertation, especially in the Acknowledgments Section.

Budget-Friendly Research


You might think that professional dissertation writers charge too much. The truth is that performing a research work in itself is quite costly. There are costs involved in collecting and entering data, travel costs, transcription costs etc.

Professional dissertation writers are experienced in what they do. They try to keep their costs down by using free online survey tools, choose a target sample where you can find the research participants quickly and use several other ways to make sure that you can complete your dissertation within your budget.

There are several dissertation writers in UK that charge you according to your academic level, subject or domain, and the specific service you need (if you do not want to opt for the full package). They may also charge you according to the number of words or number of pages in your dissertation. You can use their services and draft a dissertation that can earn you good grades, help you get the research funding you desire, and find a good job in your chosen field.

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Aditya Singhal is the co-founder of GoDissertationHelp, a leading international online dissertation assistance portal. Imparting education, apart from being a business, is also a passion for Aditya. He is avidly indulged in helping students develop their skills and counsels them for their career aspirations. He is devoted to the social cause of making education available to the underprivileged by contributing a part of his revenue from GoDissertationHelp towards their education.


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