Stay Accident Free Outdoors with these Camping Safety Tips

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Camping is more fun when you know a few outdoor safety basics. In this article we’ll cover the essentials of this timely topic. We’ll also discuss the ABCs of RV camping. Following these suggestions can help ensure you return home safe and sound, not ailing and injured. So let’s plunge into the subject and see where the trail takes us!


Meeting Mother Nature on Her Terms


Camping removes us our people-centered surroundings, plunging us into a world where humans are just another life form sharing the planet. Therefore, the most basic rule of camping safety is to respect the untamed environment and the creatures who call it home. The wilderness can turn treacherous pretty quick if we neglect this important fact.


The Essentials


It’s important to be prepared when you head into the great outdoors. Always take these essential items with you when camping:


  • A first aid kit. It should include any prescription or over the counter medicines you may need.
  • Clothing suited to the occasion. The best camping clothes are sturdy, lightweight, and easy to care for. The weather can change any time when you’re outside, so always pack a rain jacket and a wide-brimmed hat. Waterproof shoes or boots are handy as well.
  • A flashlight with fresh batteries for each member of your party. Getting stuck in the woods at night is no fun, especially if you can’t see.
  • Enough food to prepare three meals a day. You should include a few snack items like protein bars. Most people burn more calories when they’re camping than when they’re at home. Bring extra water as well. Avoid so-called “energy drinks” during your camping trip, as they can cause dehydration and jittery nerves.
  • At least one cell phone with a charger and/or extra battery. A cell phone can often reach 911 even if it’s out of range for conventional calls. Walkie-talkies are fine for having fun, but they’re unreliable in a crisis.


A camping checklist is the best way to ensure you bring everything you need. Feel free to add or remove items based on the type of camping you plan to do. A mini-fridge is fine for an RV; for a remote backpacking adventure, not so much.


Campfire Safety


What’s a camping trip without a campfire? There’s something about sitting around a cheery blaze that brings people together. But campfire safety should be adhered to at all times; even the smallest fire can lead to tragedy if you forget these safeguards:


  • Make sure the area surrounding the fire is free of flammable objects.
  • Only build fires in the open, never under a tree.
  • Avoid horseplay around fires.
  • Extinguish the flames until the spot is cool to the touch.


Speaking of staying safe and warm when you’re camping:


  • Avoid drinking any type of liquid less than an hour before bedtime. Otherwise you may find yourself climbing out of a warm sleeping bag on a frigid night to relieve yourself.
  • Use a self-inflating foam mattress or other insulator between your body and the ground or cot.
  • Never, ever, EVER build a fire or use a heater inside a tent! A few campers die every year because they ignore this rule.


What About RV Camping?


Nothing beats have access to the great outdoors and the comforts of home at the same time. Here are some RV camping tips to remember:


  • Check reviews of campsites This is a great way to avoid less-than-wonderful places during your trip.
  • Use a checklist to make sure you bring the right supplies. Even the largest RV has limited space, so ask yourself what non-essentials can be left at home.
  • A clean RV is a happy RV. Take the time prep your RV and follow the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule before hitting the road.


Camping is a fantastic way to revive your body and renew your spirit. By making sure you respect Mother Nature, travel with enough supplies, practice campfire safety, and keep your RV in top shape, you’ll be ready for your big adventure. So happy trails and stay safe while enjoying the great outdoors.

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