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Consumers will be able to take the smart home to another wavelength by enhancing the vision of home security cameras with the LIFX + with Night Vision.

Boasting 16 million colours and tuneable whites, the LIFX + combines all the automated control and colour capabilities of regular LIFX lights with the inclusion of infrared LED technology.

Perfect for tech-savvy homeowners, LIFX + emits 950nm of infrared light to power up security cameras, extending vision to areas normally out of range and not picked up by cameras.

To set up extended night vision, LIFX + simply needs to be placed in an area where it can help the camera, then when the sun sets and the power is turned off, the infrared LEDs will come on to add light to the camera’s view.

Capable of furthering vision through windows and across rooms, users can adjust the brightness of the infrared or turn it off completely when not in use. For outdoor use, the LIFX + BR30 is optimal.

LIFX + is a simple way to take the next step in creating a connected home. Simply connect it to the existing Wi-Fi by using the LIFX app and tapping “Night Vision” to get started.

To purchase LIFX + LED Light or to find out more information, visit https://www.lifx.com.au/products/lifx-plus.

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