New Book to Improve Men’s Relationships With Female Colleagues

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Whistling Rabbit Press announced the publication of What’s a Guy to Do? How to Work with Women, a book for men to improve their relationships with female colleagues in the wake of #MeToo and a wave of sexual harassment claims.

“Guys are asking what’s okay in the workplace now, and this book provides answers. It’s alarming if the vitriol of the past year makes us mistrust each other,” said Jennifer K. Crittenden, author of the book, “If men step away from working with women out of confusion or fear, we have taken a big step backwards.

The book addresses communication, innuendo, humor, discrimination, sexual harassment, social occasions and office romance. It includes ways men can check themselves for sexism and can test their companies for systemic bias and favoritism in compensation, hiring practices, assignment of duties and vendor selection.
“It’s a quick read and focused on takeaways, not regurgitating facts and figures. The goal is for us to have more comfortable interactions. Despite all the ink that has been spilled, men and women can work productively together, really enjoy each other’s company and develop collegial relationships that last a lifetime.”

Early Praise

“With What’s a Guy to Do? Jennifer Crittenden addresses very real and very sensitive topics in a candid and easily understood manner that will also have you laughing out loud even if you might recognize yourself in a description or two.”
                           ~ Keith Ferrazzi, author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

“This is the honest and private conversation men have been waiting for.”
                           ~ Julie Kantor, CEO, Twomentor

“It provides anyone with a trove of tools to tear down biases in our workplaces. This is a must read.”
                           ~ Todd C. Williams, President, eCameron, Inc.

“A practical, enjoyable and easy-to-read guide to a sometimes confusing and rapidly changing environment.”
                           Daniel J. Adams, Senior Vice President, Business Banking, Wells Fargo

Jennifer Crittenden’s frank guide offers level-headed advice for those seeking to build a diverse workplace. Too often this laudable goal has been subsumed by highly divisive debate, leaving those who need to effect change disheartened, confused or conflicted. Crittenden’s voice is therefore a welcome one: her boots-on-the-ground advice is both blunt and wise.”
                           ~ Bryan Cantrill, Chief Technology Officer, Joyent

“This book shows us how to all be better allies, so we can achieve greater results together.”
                           ~ Tom Gilmour, Sr. Engineering Manager, LinkedIn

“Even if you think you are totally woke, specific examples will make you re-evaluate your behavior and help you up your Good Guy game.”
                           ~ Andrew Duncan, programmer, musician, teacher

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