How to “Write a Book in a Flash”

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Entrepreneurs, executives and thought leaders can learn how to use a book to build their businesses when they read “Write Your Book In A Flash: The Paint-by-Numbers System for Writing the Book of Your Dreams – Fast!” The author is Dan Janal, a book coach and developmental editor who has written 13 books that have been translated into six languages.

The new writing skills book teaches a complete system for writing a non-fiction book that can help business leaders get more clients, have more impact, develop more credibility, and have more influence.

“Remember when you were a kid and you played with the Paint-by-Numbers kit? You didn’t have to be a great artist. You simply followed the instructions and you could create a masterpiece. The same is true with your book. When you fill in my outlines and templates, you will have a masterpiece of a book,” said Janal.

The new authorship book shows how to use your own work style and personal strengths, preferences, and personality, so you can write the book you were meant to share with the world. Unlike books that tell you why you should write a book, this book actually shows you how to write a book, step-by-step.

You’ll discover:

  • How to write a simple outline that makes the writing process faster and easier
  • How to research interesting ideas, stories, and facts so you never run out of ideas or information
  • How to overcome “The Imposter Syndrome” and other limiting beliefs that stifle nearly every would-be author
  • Clear examples that show you what to do (and what not to do)
  • Empowering exercises that show you how to write better and faster
  • Simple how-to steps anyone can follow to write a book

“Even if you hated writing in the past, you’ll finally feel good about writing your book. Most importantly, you’ll have all the tools you need to get the job done,” he said.


“YES! YOU CAN create the book that is inside you before you get long in the tooth. “Write Your Book in a Flash” is a gem and delivers the step-by-step process that shows you how to be myopically focused to start and finish the book in you. No more excuses with Dan Janal at your side.”
Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, author of “How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo-Boos”

“A superb must-read book that quickly captures the critical book genres that are the why that should drive your writing, from legacy and manifesto to how-to and prove a point.”
Henry DeVries, author, “Marketing with a Book” 

Dan Janal’s superpower is to bring order out of chaos. Anyone thinking about writing a book or a next book needs this book to shortcut without compromising quality.”
–Cathy Paper, president, Rock Paper Star

Praise for Dan Janal’s Book Coaching and Developmental Editing Services

“Working with Dan has been like a master class in book writing. He is much more than a writing coach–he is a muse, teacher, and friend, who makes the process enjoyable. This has been a great learning experience. I could not make this book happen without his expertise and support.”
Alan Cohen, executive coach, author, “The Connection Challenge”

Dan Janal streamlines the book writing process for people who have great ideas, experiences and stories, but need a true partner to bring all of those ideas into book form (without going crazy along the way). I feel so lucky to have Dan on my side, helping me to fulfill my goal of writing my first book!”
Stephanie Blackburn Freeth, author, “The Nonprofit Strategy Tango”

About the Author

Dan Janal has written more than a dozen books that help businesses build their brands, including seven books for publishing giant Wiley. He has been an award-winning, daily newspaper reporter and business newspaper editor. As a publicity and marketing expert, he has helped more than ten thousand authors and experts build their platforms over the past sixteen years with his PR LEADS services. He holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism.

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