Always Eat Dessert … Don’t Count Calories …

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When it comes to weight-loss, advice from a former nun may be heaven sent. Especially if that former nun is Mary Lou Reid, who entered the convent as a heavyset, shy 18-year-old and left five years later a confident, svelte woman 50 pounds lighter.

Even today, Reid continues to follow the convent lifestyle that led her to maintain her weight for 50 years. In her new book, Always Eat Dessert, published by Post Hill Press, Reid shares the Seven Holy Habits she discovered in the convent that can help anyone live a healthier lifestyle. They are:

Holy Habit No. 1: See Yourself as Thin Until You Actually Are (Visualization)

Holy Habit No. 2: Always Eat Dessert

Holy Habit No. 3: Don’t Count Calories but Calories Count

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Holy Habit No. 4: Being a Couch Potato is OK

Holy Habit No. 5: Don’t Be on a Diet in a Restaurant

Holy Habit No. 6: Opt Out of Diet Food

Holy Habit No. 7: Always Take Time for Yourself

Reid says, “You don’t have to enter a convent to follow these principles. The Convent Diet really isn’t a diet at all. It is a way of looking at food and at life. Food becomes a friend instead of an enemy. … The Convent Diet is neither trendy nor a magic bullet, and for most, it takes some trial and error, but it works.”

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