Here’s How Long It Will Take For Your Phone to Have a 5G Service

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People are now more curious than ever about the invention of 5G network and devices, and everybody is asking telecommunication companies a similar question; when will 5G finally arrive? The arrival of 5G Network can revolutionize the technological world. It will give the Internet of Things a new direction may help enable self-driving cars, robotic surgeries, and other outstanding inventions. Mobile providers are racing to produce better network technology than 4G. China is working on the 5G project. Any country who succeeds in delivering 5G network will make giant strides in economics & technology.

What is 5G?

5G is a fifth-generation mobile network. It will be a successor to 4G. 5G will be a first top-of-the-line network which may work four times faster than 4G. It will have the speed of 2 gigabytes per second, enough to download a full-length HD movie in a few seconds. It will increase the total bandwidth and the rate of transmitting signals and will meet the demands of Internet Of Things more than ever before.

Is it Being Tested Yet?

China started trials on 5G in more than a dozen major cities very recently. Verizon Communication Inc. is also working on the 5G project and will offer advanced 5G internet in 5 cities including Los Angeles, Sacramento, Indianapolis, and Houston at the beginning of October. Verizon declares that it will switch to 5G standardized equipment when the network finally becomes available. AT&T will test 5G in Atlanta, Texas, Dallas, and is also the cities of North Carolina, Charlotte & Raleigh. However, tech experts fear that a 5G network will be prone to be disturbed by weather conditions such as rain. But the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Although 5G network could be 100 times faster than 4G network still we can’t ignore the standard internet services.

For wired or wireless internet users, offers services of telecommunication companies and satellite providers. A variety of providers are available such as Dish, DirecTV, Xfinity, Spectrum, and Viasat are available at their website. The prices, promotions, service details, coverage area, availability of services in all states are also provided. Customers who are searching for the best internet connection in their area can rely on such websites until and even after the arrival of 5G.


What needs to be done to get 5G Services?

4G signals spread in all directions while 5G will only deliver focused signals. 5G has a device to device communication that is why it needs a particular handset, a system that interferes with 3G and 4G and special transmission hardware.

What’s at Stake for Companies?

Telecommunication companies are investing money to reach 5G Network. The first provider of 5G might take an immediate lead in the world. Verizon was first to launch 4G in 2010 and subscribers increased from 36 to 41 percent. If we see 5G with this perspective, a 5G-first company could make billions of dollars. Standard phone companies will be at a loss because 5G customers will need a new phone.


When will 5G Network be Available to Use?

In 2019, maybe. T-Mobile has promised to invest $40 billion in a 5G network. It is expected that 90 percent of the US population would want to subscribe to 5G when it arrives. We expect to receive more announcements on 5G network. No telecommunication company has yet implemented 5G Network. There is still a lot of work to be done. Wired connection is still an excellent option for the U.S households and sites such as home internet providers have everything to offer customers to meet their connectivity needs.

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