Bentley World-Packaging Is Emerging From a Massive Restructuring

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After a year of major changes that began with the sale of several Pennsylvania and Ohio locations, Bentley World-Packaging – the Wisconsin-based global packaging and shipping firm – is emerging from a massive restructuring endeavor leaner and more focused on building strong customer relationships.

With the hiring of Todd Brink as the VP of Operations, along with the hiring of Director of Finance Jenny Daniels (Vonckx) in late 2017, Bentley WP has completed the final phase of its restructuring and the company is ready to begin a new chapter.

“There have been a lot of changes at Bentley over the last year,” said Executive Vice President Matthew Taub, who joined Bentley WP as part of its restructuring. “But all the changes we’ve made, whether they be talent, organizational or service-oriented, have been part of a bigger goal – to foster long-lasting, meaningful partnerships with our customers.”

Strategic Changes

Growth was a primary focus for Bentley World-Packaging for more than 70 years. Last year, Bentley WP operated shipping and warehousing locations in WisconsinSouth CarolinaOhioMaryland and Pennsylvania. However, that growth created a unique challenge – the more the company grew the less it knew its customers.

“We ran each location in separate ways,” Taub said. “It was very transactional.”

When Todd Bentley purchased the company in 2017 from his father and long-time leader, Tom Bentley, the younger Bentley drew a line in the sand. He spearheaded an effort to decrease the size of the company – selling off PittsburghCleveland, and Cincinnati locations to Indiana-based Deufol Sunman LLC – while increasing focus on its key customers and highly sought-after capabilities including expanding parts distribution, kitting and packaging centers for the on- & off-road equipment, industrial and military markets.

“Over the last year we’ve made a lot of changes, great changes,” Bentley said. “We’ve built a great team, and streamlined our operations, and I’m confident the company is moving in the right direction. We are focused on the future.”

Building Relationships

With streamlined operations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Baltimore, Maryland, Bentley World-Packaging is positioned to be a strategic packaging and product distribution partner – instead of a place where companies just order crates.

“Our end goal is to make sure our business relationships are meaningful,” Taub said. “We want to work with our customers to not only ensure their products get to where they need to go safely and securely, but to also help them grow.”

That growth, Taub said, will be achieved through collaborative planning, working with customers to create operational efficiencies and lower shipping and storage costs.

“We can each try to grow alone, or we can grow together,” Taub said. “We feel by growing together, we can create efficiencies and cost savings that are mutually beneficial and create a stronger future for all involved.”

These future-picture discussions come at a time when Bentley World-Packaging is celebrating a huge milestone.

Todd and Tom Bentley recently sat down with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker to celebrate the 170thbirthday of both the state and the Bentley Construction Company – of which Bentley World-Packaging was an offshoot.

While a momentous occasion for both the state and Bentley WP, Taub said the moves the company is making now are to ensure the anniversary celebrations continue for many, many years.

“It’s good to look back on the past,” Taub said. “But right now, we’re focused on the future.”

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