Candor USA Announces Relocation

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Candor USA, a private healthcare marketplace that brings together integrated groups, brokers, carriers and individuals to enable Americans to reduce their true cost of healthcare coverage, announced today that they would be relocating their headquarters to Savannah. Candor USA is currently located in Rome, Ga. and will retain an Integrated Groups Division at that location.

Candor, which launched in 2017, is a technology and marketplace company established to democratize healthcare coverage. Candor leverages blockchain to help integrated groups, brokers, carriers and individuals achieve valuable outcomes. They have combined their technology, insurance expertise and passion to offer a solution to healthcare coverage issues.

“We look forward to contributing to the sound economy of Savannah and are pleased to announce the opening of our corporate headquarters here. The Savannah Economic Development Authority has been very supportive and has made us feel very welcome,” said Candor Chief Operation Officer Michael Beck.

Beck added that they chose Savannah because of the quality of life and the potential in Savannahwere major factors in the decision. “Savannah’s quality of life and culture will be attractive to young technology employees and the SCAD talent that will be in our backyard will be a huge benefit.”

Candor will initially create 20 new jobs.

Savannah Economic Development Authority’s Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Jen Bonnett said, “Candor USA came to our attention originally through the Creative Coast. Once we connected, we knew that we wanted them here in Savannah. It’s a great match for Savannahand they will be a great addition to the business and community.”

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