Why Chicago Is a Standout Amongst the Cities In The World

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Trope Publishing Co. announces the launch of its City Edition Series with the release of the Chicago Edition. The first in the series, Chicago is comprised of 206 photographs produced by 27 independent photographers from Chicago and beyond.

Editors Sam Landers and Tom Maday spent nearly a year identifying and meeting with the photographers and meticulously editing their portfolios to produce this unique book. “While the photographers come from all walks of life, they share a common passion to visually capture their city like never before,” said Landers. “They demonstrate incredible resolve and discipline – shooting tirelessly day and night, in rain and snow, to get ‘the shot’– resulting in images and perspectives that few Chicagoans experience,” added Maday.

Collectively, the photographs represent a distinctive urban view of the city. The Chicago Edition is divided into eight chapters, primarily focused on the lakefront and downtown areas showcasing iconic buildings, streets and parks. Each chapter is accompanied by a map along with the locations where the photographs were taken. The images reflect the interests of the photographers rather than serving as a comprehensive guide to the city. In many cases, there are several photographs of the same location, shot at different times of the day, in different seasons, with different tones. These studies offer a strong point-of-view, whether digitally processed, filtered, toned, or sharpened — giving each image a contemporary and urban sensibility. 

Why start the series with Chicago? By all accounts, Chicago is recognized as the “birthplace of the modern skyscraper.” With its magnificent skyline, public art, and unparalleled lakefront, Chicago is one of the most photographed cities in the world.

The Chicago Edition is now available for purchase at Amazon, major book retailers and at tropereader.com. High-resolution scans are available upon request. Scanning images from the book or using images from digital files is strictly prohibited.

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