White Castle’s Original Slider Has Been Served in Dallas

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White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain, joined 2017 Cravers Hall of Fame inductee, Walter Buttkus, in the unveiling of the new “White Castle Crave Cruiser,” a customized Indian Scout motorcycle complete with White Castle logos, colors and custom saddle bags sized to fit slider-packed Crave Cases. The unveiling event was held at Rick Fairless’ Strokers Dallas on October 11, where White Castle served attendees with Original Sliders, fries and onion rings, marking the first time the chain’s iconic cuisine has been served in the Dallas area in the company’s 97-year history.

“To ask if I like White Castle would be an understatement; it is a love, a passion and the ultimate Crave,” said Buttkus. “The base bike for the Crave Cruiser is an Indian Scout because the Original Slider can only be paired with the first ever American motorcycle company and the Scout is the slider-sized bike. Now that this masterpiece has been revealed, I can’t wait to take my love of sliders to the streets.”

Buttkus, a resident of Yorba Linda, CA, is a life-long Craver, having had his first slider experience at five years old. In 2018, he was inducted into White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame, the most exclusive fast-food fan club in existence. In his submission, Buttkus noted that he’s “Craver Crazy” and that all of his biggest life moments and teachings revolve around White Castle, like delaying his wedding for a slider feast or arguing with professors that sliders are immune to the economic principle of diminishing marginal utility. With 87 years of White Castle tradition in his family, he has also passed the Cravings along to his children.

Buttkus’ White Castle Crave Cruiser was conceived as a beautiful blend of two of his favorite hobbies – designing motorcycles and eating sliders. To complete the project, he worked with friend, Strokers Dallas owner and world-famous motorcycle builder, Rick Fairless. After putting the finishing touches on the bike, Buttkus has plans to embark on a slider excursion across the country with his son, visiting Castles along the way.

“We’re always proud and humbled by the lengths our Cravers will go to feed their desire for White Castle, and Walter’s story is one that expresses devotion to the Crave in a truly authentic way,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president at White Castle. “In one-of-a-kind White Castle “original” style, Walter is an innovator and we’re thrilled that our Crave Mobiles now have a slider-sized partner in Crave.”

White Castle’s Cravers Hall of Fame was launched in 2001 to celebrate and honor the chain’s most loyal fans. Since then, more than 200 White Castle fans have received this distinguished award and the 2018 class of inductees is expected to be announced soon. In 2002, White Castle also added the “Craver in Extremis” category to recognize public figures, celebrities and pop icons; including Alice CooperKal Penn and John Cho, Telfar Clemans and Anthony “Spice” Adams, who have all publicly shown their love of White Castle.

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