Innovative Platform that Turns your Smart Phone into a Personal Tour Guide

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Introducing the exciting new app that turns users into tour guides! Based in the DC metro area, UCPlaces is a new and innovative platform that turns your smart phone into a personal tour guide. Using the UCPlaces app, users can take tours on their own schedule, either those created by UCPlaces experts, or they can record their own and share them with others for serious bragging rights!

Created and founded by Uri Sperling, an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in consumer and enterprise technologies, UCPlaces was developed in order to deliver a brand-new travel experience.  “I was in Berlin looking at the street where my grandfather grew up and I was thinking that I wish he could have talked to me about this place. Later, I had some visitors in Washington DC, and while I was driving them around I was thinking I wish I had a tour-guide app that is flexible enough to provide both experiences. And this is how I decided to create this platform,” says Sperling.

The platform is extremely user friendly. Simply browse from a list of categories in the UCPlaces app, and then start your walking or driving tour. Or better yet, make your own! What a great tool for realtors to provide their clients with a look at potential neighborhoods, school districts and shopping centers. Photographers and street artists could create tours that showcase the best places to snap pics or tag a mural. The sky’s the limit.

UCPlaces will offer tours in several languages, and the topics will be varied: historical sites, ghostly haunts, pub crawls, nightlife, museums and much, much more. The platform will allow users to subscribe for free with the ability to access basic functions. Additionally, various subscription options will be available that offer premium tours and other exciting features.

We’re currently in the startup phase, which is twofold. 1) It plans to show users how to experience self-guided tours in a large metropolitan area, in this case Washington, D.C, and 2) It will teach them to engage with a large online community through the “create your own” feature. Users will be able to share their tours either publicly or privately, or they can choose from a list of pre-existing tours generated by the UCPlaces expert staff of tour guides, writers and content producers.

Creating community is key, and giving that community interactive and meaningful experiences is the goal at UCPlaces. As our team of content providers, graphic interface experts and travel pros continue to build the platform, we hope that users will take advantage of every function. Whether you take tours or make them, UCPlaces turns your smart phone into a pocket-sized travel expert!

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