Help For Parents Who Are Struggling with Sleep for Baby

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Dream Baby Sleep®, a company comprised of certified infant and toddler sleep consults who aim to educate families about how to create and maintain healthy sleep for babies and toddlers, today announced the launch of its e-book series titled, “Dream Baby Nights.”  This unique book teaches tired parents exactly how to improve their babies sleep in under 15 pages.

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Actionable expert advice on establishing healthy sleep habits, creating a successful bedtime routine and capitalizing on key “nap sleep windows” that even the most exhausted parents can quickly read and put into practice.The DREAM BABY NIGHTS E-Book offers:

  • Each of the four books then dives into one specific sleep training method, tailored to match the age of the babychild’s temperament and the parents cry tolerance.
  • Step-by-step instructions for nighttime and naptime sleep training, plus helpful troubleshooting tips, mean sleep-deprived parents will see significant results within two weeks (or sooner!).

4 sleep training methods to choose from:

  • Check and Console: Give your baby the freedom to learn how to self-soothe and fall asleep by stepping away and returning at specific intervals, as needed, to comfort and console her.
  • Pick Up Put Down: Help your baby learn to soothe herself to sleep while you provide loving direction every step of the way with this very hands-on, gradual approach.
  • Chair Method: Provide a calming presence throughout the process by remaining seated in a chair near your child’s crib or bed and gradually moving farther away each night until you’re out the door.
  • Silent Return: Train your toddler who is walking and no longer in a crib to fall asleep independently and stay in bed all night long.

“We know parents are eager for their babies to sleep 10-12 hours through the night and have a predictable nap schedule, and that is all possible with the right tools,” said Carolynne Harvey, founder of Dream Baby Sleep. “At Dream Baby Sleep we leverage the science behind sleep to prevent an overtired state, recommend a sleep training method aligned with the parenting style and temperament of the baby and provide benchmarks for success.”

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