Going Through Immense Stress and Find It Hard to Sleep, Read this!

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Life is a roller-coaster. Every single day you experience so many emotions. Emotions can either keep you happy, or satisfied, or stressed. Stress is in this day and age is inevitable! However, there are ways we can manage the kind of stress we should entertain in our everyday lives.

It is important to understand that stress is not merely an emotion or an event. Maybe you are having personal problems, relationship issues or your boss is making life a nightmare for you at work. These are merely causes of stress. How your body responds to those causes, that’s stress!

One of the ways your body responds to stress is sleep deprivation. They call it insomnia. Your mind whirls round and round about the problems you’re going through all day transpiring into the night. You find yourself wide awake at night, with no hope of sleep crowning you soon.

As a result, you’re exhausted from lack of sleep, so the circle of having stressful days continue to repeat themselves. Medics recommend seven to nine hours of sleep, in the absence of which; is unhealthy. Stress robs you of a chance to enjoy at least seven hours of sleep and adds distress to your body.

One of the ways to ensure you sleep peacefully is to make sure that you can deal with stress. So how do you sleep at night when you have so many issues bothering? We are here to help you address that.


How to Cope With Stress

Live A Day at A Time

Society has instilled the notion that we need to have everything figured out at a go, that you need to plan for the future now. As a result, we have forgotten how to live in the present, enjoy our days, we have forgotten how to do one thing at a time.

Let’s change that! You will feel much better and less stressed if you begin to do a single thing at a time. If its work that’s distracting you, focus on making it better and manageable for you, worry about other things later. Strike one thing from the list at a time instead of going back all the time.

If you are a victim of multitasking, then you need to master the art of doing one thing at a time if you want to start enjoying a long night of sleep again.

Own a Journal

No! Journals are not for weaklings and girls, that’s just a sad and unworthy notion. Time and again, writing has proven to heal even the deepest wounds. So, write your ideas, tasks, and thoughts down. Writing will help you keep track of your days.

Writing will be a big help when it comes to doing one thing at a time. It will help you free up your mind and help you focus on other things.


Stop Making A Big Deal Out Of The Small Stuff

We all do that! Make a big deal out of something quite small. Doing that will only create drama in your life, generate ground for overthinking and creating a problem from something that shouldn’t matter in the first place.

Develop a habit of asking yourself if whatever it is that’s stealing your joy will matter weeks, months or years from that? That will help you gain perceptive of what to worry about and what to let go. You will manage to build fewer problems in your life.

Detach Over the Weekend

Your week is probably packed considering work and household responsibilities. There is a chance that stress can be accumulated following the events that could emerge over the week. Take the weekend, own it, save it for your time.

Go somewhere over the weekend if you can, or stay home and disconnect. Switch off your phone and just spend time alone. Sleep in, drink a hot cup of tea enjoying the environment, do anything that will help you relax and enjoy time off a busy schedule.

If you used to go out drinking with your friends over the weekend, you should take time alone and relax. You can also use this time to detox from alcohol and finally fin a balance that works for you.

Take Time to Do What You Love

Getting lost in the ‘have-to’ is what dooms to sleepless nights. Learn to do the necessary first, tomorrow or what you think you have to do will cater for itself. Plan your evenings and weekends doing what you love.

Maybe its reading, painting, reading, whatever it is, focus on it because it will give pleasure and restore some of your joy back. It will relieve stress and help you sleep come night.

Listen To Yourself

Your body always gives you signals. When you start to feel drained, irritable or angry all the time, that’s a sign that your body is under stress. Learn to listen to yourself and learn to take care of yourself a little more.

Take time off and relax. Spend an evening reading your favorite book or watching your favorite movie. Allow your body to recover by taking time off. Breathe in and out until the tension leaves your body. It is important to prioritize your physical and mental health before anything.



Meditation will help release stress and calm your mind and body. It allows your body to reconnect with the present by focusing on your breathing. Meditation is meant to help you focus only on the air around. Breathing without distraction will soothe you into a deep sleep.


Most people tend to check their emails and follow up on their social media while in bed. In most cases, that is not a good idea because you often find yourself glued to your phone for more hours than you would expect. To allow yourself to sleep, switch off all your gadgets thirty minutes before sleep time.

Adapting some of these changes into your life will make a difference. Your mood and energy will improve, you will be able to handle stress and as a result, sleep calmly at night.

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