“ET Live” is Another Incentive to “Cut the Cord”

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It is shocking that people still use cable.  With Netflix, HULU, or Amazon Prime, you have all the premium entertainment a person could want for the fraction of the cost of cable and the various premium channels they push on you, such as HBO and Starz.  In addition, most of the streaming devices — Apple iOS, tvOS, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and in the Google Play store — offer a plethora of other channels that are free to watch.  These are quality channels, without fees.  Whatever content I am missing on these, I can usually find on websites.

My preferred streaming device is ROKU, and it has over 3,000 channels.  What cable service offers that?  Sure, some you have to pay for (like Netflix), but there are plenty that are free. Some of the best do not cost a penny. I regularly watch Reuters, which is a surprisingly objective news source that offers customized length broadcasts.  I have also become a fan of CBS News, which is a 24 hour news channel from CBS.  It is excellent competition to other news channels that people pay for access each month.  The free streaming channels offer an alternative (and obviously more affordable) universe to the channels on cable.  There are numerous ad supported movie and TV channels, as well as ones that focus on sports and lifestyle. With Tubi, Sony Crackle, and Filmrise, you will not need a penny for entertainment beyond the one time investment of a streaming device.   You can see all their channel offerings here.


Entertainment Tonight has decided to enter the “free TV” business with a 24/7 network that you can easily access through a steaming device.  It was launched in October.  It looks like a real TV network.  The video quality is fairly high, and the talent is professional.  It is not quite as polished as major networks, but it is extremely high, when you consider it is free and it is in its earliest days.

The free streaming channels offer an alternative (and obviously more affordable) universe to the stations on cable. 

CBS News reports “ET Live provides fans free access to entertainment news and breaking Hollywood headlines, including celebrity interviews, behind-the-scenes coverage, set visits, parties and premieres. Viewers will get up-to-the-minute stories on what’s happening in the TV, movie and music industries, courtesy of ET correspondents Lauren Zima, Denny Directo, Cassie DiLaura, Tanner Thomason, Jason Carter and Melicia Johnson.

“The streaming service will put the spotlight on entertainment’s biggest events, like the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, NY and LA Fashion Week, Comic-Con, Coachella and more with live, exclusive coverage and original reporting. ET Style will feature original fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.”

It is a true entertainment network.  One more reason to “cut the cord.”

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