Top Solution in 2019 to Manage our Tech Filled Lives

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How to manage our digital lives is a struggle shared by millions. Specifically how better to deal with the mass of digital data on our phones? Of the billions of messages that get sent daily in the USAalone, many are important or meaningful both in our personal and professional lives. The recently launched app Keepster is rated by Buzzfeed as one of “the top five solutions in 2019 to manage our tech filled lives”.

Till now there’s been no simple solution to organizing and saving the messaging conversations you’d hate to lose. With Keepster messages are easily searchable (by keyword and date), and you can create folders by topic, person, or however it makes sense to YOU, to contain selected messages, just as we are accustomed to doing with emails.

Keepster works across these major messaging platforms – iMessage, SMS, Whatsapp, Hike, Line and Viber – keeping your messages organized all in one convenient place. As to the growing concerns around privacy and safety, particularly in the case of messages which can be personal or intimate, Keepster really gets it! The backup of your messages is kept locally on your computer, so no one has access to your messages but YOU. Keepster also allows for multiple backups, so if messages are accidentally deleted from your phone, no more worries – they will still remain in your backup!

As we rely more and more on messaging, Keepster provides a long overdue solution to managing it. No more screenshots, no more having to hop from app to app nor endless scrolling through messaging threads. Keepster also has a fun feature allowing users to turn their chats, photos and emojis into printed books. Keepster books take photo books to a whole new level and are a great new gift idea perfect for celebrating important relationships or special occasions.

Who’s Behind Keepster

The founder of Keepster is an entrepreneurial woman who spent the greater part of her life in the art world first as a student of Art History, and later as an active supporter of museums and a collector of fine art. An archivist at heart, she shifted her attention to preserving digital communications with the app Keepster which she developed to ‘Keeps What Matters Most’.

Reasons Keepster is a Must:

  • Keeps Messages Safe – no more worries about losing texts!
  • Keeps You Organized – find important messages easily.
  • Saves Time – no more scrolling through apps to find important messages.
  • Frees up Space on Your Phone – With all your messages backed up to your computer no need to keep them on your phone!
  • Makes Unique Gifts – uses texts, emojis and photos to create a brand-new kind of keepsake book.

For more about Keepster visit keepster.coFacebookInstagram or contact

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