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USA Daily Times and its sister websites —,,, and — will be providing short articles on technology we love. This is the first in that series. 

We are huge fans of Roku and many of us involved in our media abandoned cable long before it was vogue and have replaced it with devices like this.  Roku has a huge selection of free content that significantly reduces the need for cable or other expensive services.  Roku is a shockingly simple platform that has a plethora of channels that one can access for their entertainment.  Several premium sports channels, news channels, movie channels, and more are available on Roku at no charge (other than the first time purchase of the device).  It is also a great platform to access your Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, and other premium streaming services.

Recently we stumbled on one of the many free channels that are available at no cost that is perfect for the holiday season.  The Christmas Zone is one of many channels that are designed to entertain during the holidays.  This one has some premium content that is worth the visit.  This channel is offering “A Charlie Brown Christmas” (an annual Christmas favorite for decades), “Frosty the Snowman” (also beloved since 1969), and “Miracle on 34th Street” (the good one from 1947, rather than weak made for TV ones that are so plentiful).  You have to pay to rent these on other streaming service.  All that is required for watching it on the Christmas Zone is the occasional (and very short) commercial. In addition, there are several other classics on this channel.

This is a great channel, and with Christmas almost here now is the time to download it.  You could do a Christmas marathon from this channel alone.

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