All You Should Know About Bra Fitting

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Are you a fashionista, or just starting out as one? The basic rule of dressing well is to have a good fitting bra. Your clothes may be the latest fashion, but ask yourself could they look better with the right bra?


How do you know if it’s the right size?

Put on your bra and wear a fitting white t-shirt on top. Are you spilling out of the cups? Is it scratchy? Are the hooks digging into your back? If the bra is uncomfortable then it’s not the right one for you. Your bra needs to completely fit and be comfortable on top of it. Pun intended.


Do you know about sister sizes?

Even if you don’t find the right size, hang in there and keep the search going. When you do find the right size it’ll be worth it in the end. The concept of sister sizes is that with different bands, you’re matched with similar cup sizes. For example, a 34B is the sister size of 32C. 32C has a smaller band but the cup size is similar. This is a blessing in disguise when you set out to buy the right bra.


Are double letters always bigger?

A 36DD is bigger than a 36D, but 32AA is smaller than a 32A. If you’re buying bras online then consult their experts if you’re doubtful about the sizes. These bras from Lively will match all your needs and their manuals are really informative too. Being well informed about sizes can save you many a headache!


How many bras do you need?

The fashionista in you wants a huge collection of cute bras, we understand that, but how many do you actually need? There are 2 categories that you can divide your bra collection into – utility and pleasure. The utility bras are the ones that go under any outfit and provide support and complete comfort. They are easy to put on and don’t need much maintenance. The bras meant for guilty pleasure are the ones that make you feel good. Ideally, you need no more than 7 bras, 4 for comfort and 3 for pleasure. How many do you have?


How do you maintain your bras?

Never, ever wash your bras in hot water! Heat is really bad for the elastic. Wash your bras by hand whenever you can. But let’s be realistic we just throw them in the washing machine with the rest of the clothes. This is alright if you wash your bras once a week. If you’re washing them more often, soak them in soapy normal water for a couple of hours before washing by hand (it takes less effort). Taking care of your bras means they last longer without going out of shape.


Every woman must have a good set of bras that they can rely on. When you go on a shopping spree, don’t forget to also buy some skin colored comfort bras for everyday life. Sometimes the fashionista in you needs to sit back and relax too.


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