Brilliant Energy President and His Guest Discuss a Commitment to Animal Adoption

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Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business show, describes Richard Wakim, President of Brilliant Energy, as a thought leader in the energy industry.  Wakim has often discussed the best practices in business today, the need for transparency, and much more.  However, one of his favorite subjects is discussing Brilliant Energy’s commitment to its four legged friends.  Recently Price and Wakim visited with Alayna Matranga of “Three Little Pitties,” animal rescue, which is an animal adoption group with a very unique approach.

The Three Little Pitties website states the following about the organization’s unique approach “Volunteers with 3LP place dogs in foster homes, coordinate their vetting, then match them with families in northern states. A foster has the dog in a home environment and gets to know the animal well so that knowledge of behavior and personality can then be passed on to potential adopters. You will have plenty of information before your dog travels to you – the good and the bad- based on the foster parent’s observations. This is part of the match-making process! Honesty is our policy so you know exactly how the dog behaves in our care. You will likely know much more about your new pet coming from a foster home than you would with a shelter adoption. Once the adoption contract is signed, we choose a travel date and send your new family member to you!”

According to its website, “Brilliant Energy is a Houston-based retail electricity provider who has served Texans since 2007. We believe in creating a great customer experience, providing competitive prices, and facilitating constant improvement. We’re a company of animal lovers who believe that getting the job done well is more important than dressing up every day. We care about our employees, and strive to create a family-like environment that encourages the sharing of ideas and pet pictures. We are proud of our employees and how hard they work every day to provide the best customer experience. We are proud to say that we were recognized for our commitment to excellence by the Better Business Bureau’s 2016 Awards for Excellence.”


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